Indian Communities in Southeast Asia (First Reprint 2006)

Indian Communities in Southeast Asia (First Reprint 2006)
K S Sandhu, A Mani , editors
Date of publication:  2006
Number of pages:  1006
Code:  BM310

About the publication

In Indian Communities in Southeast Asia thirty-one scholars provide an analytical commentary on the contemporary position of ethnic Indians in Southeast Asia. The book is the outcome of a ten-year project undertaken by the editors at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore. It is multi-disciplinary in focus and multi-faceted in approach, providing a comprehensive account of the way people originating from the Indian subcontinent have integrated themselves in the various Southeast Asian countires. The study provides insights into understanding how Indians, an intra-ethnically diverse immigrant group, have intermingled in Southeast Asia, a region that itself is ethnically diverse.


  • Indian Communities in Southeast Asia (First Reprint 2006)
  • Preliminary pages
  • 1. A Community in Transition: Indians in Negara Brunei Darussalam, by A Mani , author
  • 2. Indians in Indochina, by Nayan Chanda, author
  • 3. Indians in North Sumatra, by A Mani , author
  • 4. Indians in Jakarta, by A Mani , author
  • 5. Indians in Indonesia: A Component of Indonesian National Integration, by Harsja W Bachtiar, author
  • 6. The Coming of the Indians to Malaysia, by K S Sandhu, author
  • 7. Malaysian Indians: The Formation of Incipient Society, by Sinnappah Arasaratnam, author
  • 8. Political Marginalization in Malaysia, by Chandra Muzaffar, author
  • 9. The Indian Political Elite in Malaysia, by Rajeswary Ampalavanar Brown, author
  • 10. Malay Attitudes towards Indians, by Khoo Boo Teik, author
  • 11. Plantation Capital and Indian Labour in Colonial Malaya, by Jomo K Sundaram, author
  • 12. Socio-Economic Transformation of Malaysian Indian Plantation Workers, by P Ramasamy, author
  • 13. Indians in the Public Sector in Malaysia, by Mavis Puthucheary, author
  • 14. Ethnic Socio-Economic Distribution: Indians in Malaysia, by Sahathavan Meyanathan, author
  • 15. Economic Problems and Challenges Facing the Indian Community in Malaysia, by A Sivalingam, author
  • 16. The Indian Poor in Malaysia: Problems and Solutions, by Jeyakumar Devaraj, author
  • 17. Social and Economic Correlates of Fertility: Indian Plantation Households, by Paul T H Chan, author
  • 18. The Plantation School As an Agent of Social Reproduction, by T Marimuthu, author
  • 19. Indian Squatter Settlers: Indian Rural-Urban Migration in West Malaysia, by R Rajoo, author
  • 20. Urban Working-Class Indians in Malaysia, by K S Susan Oorjitham, author
  • 21. Religion and Ethnicity among the Indian Muslims of Malaysia, by Judith A Nagata, author
  • 22. Social Change and Group Identity among the Sri Lankan Tamils, by R Rajakrishnan, author
  • 23. Sikhs in Malaysia: A Society in Transition, by K S Sandhu, author
  • 24. Indians in East Malaysia, by D S Ranjit Singh, author
  • 25. Some Aspects of Indians in Rangoon, by Tin Maung Maung Than, author
  • 26. Indians in Burma: Problems of an Alien Subculture in a Highly Integrated Society, by Khin Maung Kyi , author
  • 27. The Legal Status of Indians in Contemporary Burma, by Robert H. Taylor, author
  • 28. Jairampur: A Profile of an Indian Community in Rural Burma, by Mya Than, author
  • 29. The Indian Community in the Philippines, by Ajit Singh Rye, author
  • 30. Indian Immigration and Settlement in Singapore, by K S Sandhu, author
  • 31. Indians in Singapore Society, by A Mani , author
  • 32. Spouse Selection Patterns in the Singapore Indian Community, by Sharon Siddique, Nirmala PuruShotam, authors
  • 33. Hinduism in Contemporary Singapore, by Vineeta Sinha, author
  • 34. Religious Fervour and Economic Success: The Chettiars of Singapore, by Hans-Dieter Evers, Jayarani Pavadarayan, authors
  • 35. The Indian Population of Singapore: Some Implications for Development, by G Shantakumar, author
  • 36. Indians in Thailand, by A Mani , author
  • 37. Indian Communities in Bangkok: Pahurat and Ban-Kaek, by Netnapis Nakavachara, author
  • Epilogue
  • Contributors
  • Index

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