Rising India and Indian Communities in East Asia

Rising India and Indian Communities in East Asia
Date of publication:  2008
Publisher:  Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
Number of pages:  720
Code:  PIC175
Hard Cover
ISBN: 9789812307996
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Soft Cover
ISBN: 9789812308689
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About the publication

This edited volume containing thirty-five chapters focuses on three main contemporary issues: the phenomenon of "new Indians" in the past five decades, the impact of rising India on settled Indian communities, and the recent migrants. By examining these interrelated aspects, this study seeks to address questions like: what does "Rising India" mean to Indian communities in East Asia? How are members of Indian communities responding to Indias rise? Will India pay greater attention to people of Indian origin? And last but not least, will Indians in East Asia identify themselves with their ancestral land or view such identification as problematic?


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