1. Do I need to register to purchase from Times Bookstores Online even if I am an existing ISEAS web customer?
Yes, you need to register with Times Bookstores Online at https://timesbookstores.com.sg

2. If I purchase an Electronic Book/chapter, who do I contact if I have a problem with downloading the ebook?
You need to contact Times Bookstores Online at https://timesbookstores.com.sg

3. Is there a time frame and how many attempts for the download?
There will be a time frame of 7 days and 5 tries for ebook download. Note: the ebooks are DRM protected.

4. How can a paid journal subscriber get their free Electronic Book/Chapter?
For paid journal subscriber, please contact us direct at pubsunit@iseas.edu.sg

5. What is the duration for a print book to be delivered and what is the shipping method?
Please visit https://timesbookstores.com.sg for details.

6. If I wish to receive information on new ISEAS books, what should I do?
Please register with the mailing list at ISEAS online bookshop at https://bookshop.iseas.edu.sg/mailing-list

7. What restrictions are imposed on my use of the article received electronically?
Copyright of the PDF document is held by the ISEAS–Yusof Ishak Institute. The copy you purchased is intended for your use only. Times Bookstores protects the ebooks with DRM.

8. For librarians, how will this affect library services?
Libraries interested in providing their members access to ISEAS materials in digital form should contact the Institute direct at pubsunit@iseas.edu.sg for more information.