1. What is electronic document delivery?

Customers can purchase selected electronic articles from ISEAS books and journals. Such articles are available in the cross-platform Adobe portable document format (PDF). When an order is processed, the customer will receive an e-mail containing hyperlinks to download the PDFs he has purchased. In addition to getting the print copy via airmail, paid-up subscribers of ISEAS journals can request for access to the PDF versions of the current issues. The electronic document delivery service is free only for paid-up subscribers of the respective volume of each journal.  Non-subscribers may order selected articles for a fee.

2. What is Adobe PDF?

This is a software format used to create an electronic document that looks exactly like the printed page from the digital final artwork. The PDF document can be viewed on screen and printed using cross-platform software called Acrobat Reader, which you can download free from the Adobe Web Site

3. What restrictions are imposed on my use of the article received electronically?

Copyright of the PDF document is held by the ISEAS–Yuof Ishak Institute. The copy you purchased is intended for your use only.

4. For librarians, how will this affect library services?

Libraries interested in providing their members access to ISEAS materials in digital form should contact the Institute to discuss the terms and conditions based on number of users, period of use, and level of access of the digital material.