Malaysian Worldview

Malaysian Worldview
Mohd Taib Osman, author
Date of publication:  1985
Publisher:  Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
Number of pages:  284
Code:  BM60

About the publication

This collection of essays on the worldviews of the people in Malaysia focuses on the three main ethnic groups - the Malays, Chinese and Indians - as well as the indigenous peoples of Sabah. Topics include the Islamic worldview of Man, society and nature, the traditional Malay socio-political outlook, the language and worldview of the Malay peasants, as well as Malaysian folk-tales and drama. The worldview of social belonging among the Chinese and Indians, and the traditional worldviews of the indigenous peoples of Sabah are also presented.


  • Malaysian Worldview
    [Whole Publication, ISBN: 9789814345538]
  • Preliminary pages
  • 1. Islamic Worldview of Man, Society and Nature among the Malays in Malaysia, by Mohd Nor Bin Ngah, author
  • 2. The Traditional Malay Socio-Political Worldview, by Mohd Taib Osman, author
  • 3. The Traditional Worldviews of the Indigenous Peoples of Sabah, by Yap Beng Liang, author
  • 4. Worldview of Social Belonging Among the Chinese in Malaysia and Singapore: The Case of Secret Societies, Clans, Dialect-Group Associations, by Lee Poh Ping, author
  • 5. Worldview of the Indians with Regards to their Social Identity and Belonging in Malaya c1900-57, by R. Rajoo, author
  • 6. Language and the Worldview of the Malay Peasants, by Asmah Haji Omar, author
  • 7. The Worldview of Peninsular Malaysian Folk-tales and Folk Dramas, by Md. Salleh Yaspar, author

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