Business in Indonesia: New Challenges, Old Problems

Business in Indonesia: New Challenges, Old Problems
Date of publication:  2004
Number of pages:  276
Code:  BM262

About the publication

This book examines Indonesia's business environment since reformasi began in 1985 - what stayed the same, what changed, and would could change. Economic recovery has been hesitant. Regime change and political reform have created uncertainties that have deepened reluctance to invest. A raft of government-instigated changes have left their imprint: decentralization, privatization, new company legislation, anti-corruption efforts, nationalization of debt-ridden banks, and firms being forced into receivership. More cautious lending practices by remaining financial institutions have imposed a credit crunch. Increased worker militancy and minimum wage rises have led some international firms to reconsider their presence in Indonesia. Changes in the business environment have caused a redefinition of private enterprise-government relations, inducing firms to re-examine their organization and management.
           The book includes insights of distinguished and stimulating speakers from business, independent research organizations, and academic institutions in Indonesia, Australia and elsewhere.


  • Business in Indonesia: New Challenges, Old Problems
  • Preliminary pages
  • 1. Business in Indonesia: Old Problems and New Challenges, by Pierre van der Eng, author
  • PART 1: Political and Economic Developments
  • 2. Political Update 2003: Terrorism, Nationalism and Disillusionment with Reform, by Sidney Jones, author
  • 3. Economic Update 2003: After Five Years of Reformasi Ekonomi: What Next?, by Muhammad Chatib Basri, author
  • PART II: Overview of the Business Environment
  • 4. A New Political Economy? Politics, Ethnicity and Business in Indonesia, by Sadanand Dhume, author
  • 5. Investment Prospects: A View from the Private Sector, by James Castle, author
  • PART III: Foreign Investment and Trade
  • 6. Recent Trends in Foreign Direct Investment, by Kelly Bird, author
  • 7. Exports by Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Indonesia, by Henry Sandee, Peter van der Veer, authors
  • PART IV: Key Issues in the Business Environment
  • 8. The Effects of Decentralisation on Business in Indonesia, by Bambang Brodjonegoro, author
  • 9. Political Economy of Privatisation of State-owned Enterprises in Indonesia, by Tony Prasetiantono, author
  • 10. Corporate Ownership and Management in Indonesia: Does It Change?, by Yuri Sato, author
  • 11. Tinkering Around the Edges: Inadequacy of Corporate Governance Reform in Post-Crisis Indonesia, by Daniel Fitzpatrick, author
  • 12. Upholding Indonesian Bankruptcy Legislation, by Marie-Christine Schroeder-van Waes, Kevin Omar Sidharta, authors
  • 13. The Private Sector Response to Public Sector Corruption, by Merly M. Khouw, author
  • 14. A Challenge for Business? Developments in Indonesian Trade Unionism after Soeharto, by Michele Ford, author
  • 15. Labour Regulation and the Business Environment: Time to Take Stock, by Chris Manning, author
  • References
  • Index

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