Indonesia in Transition: Social Aspects of Reformasi and Crisis

Indonesia in Transition: Social Aspects of Reformasi and Crisis
Date of publication:  2003
Publisher:  ISEAS / ZED
Number of pages:  379
Code:  BM217

About the publication

Indonesia enters the new millennium at a time of transition. It has experienced several crises - in particular the economic crisis of 1997-98, a severe intensification of its environmental degradation, and more recently te East Timor crisis, the ongoing Aceh demand for independence, the change of government from the autocratic Soeharto regime to one democratically elected and under the leadership of President Abdurrahman Wahid, and the outbreak of a number of violent communal conflicts. These crises were separate but have interlinked social and political dynamics. This major volume is the first wide-ranging analysis of recent developments. It analyses the social and political dimensions of reformation: poverty and income, environment and livelihood, civil society and legal institutions, and Islam and politics. Contributors include Indonesian and Australian scholars from a range of social science disciplines.

Co-publication: ISEAS / ZED

Institute of Southeast Asian Studies / ZED Books

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