Indonesia Assessment: Population and Human Resources

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About the Publication

Indonesia's population, the fourth largest in the world, is expected to pass the 200 million mark in 1997. It has sustained high rates of economic growth over the past two decades. This has undoubtedly been related to its success in moderating earlier high rates of population growth, and to its significant accomplishments in human resource development. This volume is therefore timely. It presents a comprehensive evaluation of the current situation and assesses future prospects.


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Indonesia Assessment: Population and Human Resources
Preliminary pages Download
1. Introduction, by Terence H Hull, Gavin W Jones, editors 5.00 USD
2. Indonesian Politics 1995-96: The Makings of a Crisis, by Greg Fealy, contributor 5.00 USD
3. Recent Economic Developments in Indonesia: From Rapid Economic Growth to National Car Policy, by Anggito Abimanyu, contributor 5.00 USD
4. Population and Human Resources: Indonesia's Demographic Place in the Larger Scene, by John C Caldwell, contributor 5.00 USD
5. Changing Patterns and Processes in Population Mobility, by Graeme Hugo, contributor 5.00 USD
6. Patterns and Trends of Urbanisation: A Reflection of Regional Disparity, by Tommy Firman, contributor 5.00 USD
7. Migration and Urbanisation: A Discussion, by Peter Gardiner, contributor 5.00 USD
8. Educational Developments, Achievements and Challenges, by Mayling Oey-Gardiner, contributor 5.00 USD
9. Women's Role in Demographic Transition and Human Resource Development, by Yulfita Raharjo, contributor 5.00 USD
10. Some Economic Demographic Aspects of Ageing, by Aris Ananta, contributor 5.00 USD
11. Health and Mortality, by Meiwita B Iskandar, contributor 5.00 USD
12. Fertility and Family Planning: Prospects and Challenges for Sustainable Fertility Decline 5.00 USD
13. Mortality and Fertility: The Challenges, by Firman Lubis, contributor 5.00 USD
14. Health and Mortality, Fertility and Family Planning 5.00 USD
15. Indonesia's Population Growth and Distribution in the 21st Century: Projections and Speculations 5.00 USD
16. Defining a Future for Population Data, by Terence H Hull, contributor 5.00 USD
17. From Fertility Control to Quality-Oriented Population and Human Resource Development Policies 5.00 USD
18. Implications of Indonesia's Future Population, by Aris Ananta, contributor 5.00 USD
19. The Education Explosion, by Peter Gardiner, Mayling Oey-Gardiner, contributors 5.00 USD
20. Letter from the Year 2000, by Aris Ananta, contributor 5.00 USD
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