Southeast Asian Affairs 1979

Southeast Asian Affairs 1979
Leo Suryadinata, editor
Date of publication:  1979
Number of pages:  363
Code:  SEAA79


  • Preliminary pages
  • 1. Politics in Southeast Asia: A Year of Conflict, by J L S Girling, author
  • 2. The Southeast Asian Economic Scene: A Review, by Ker Sin Tze, author
  • 3. Current Issues in Asean-Australian Trade Relations, by Clive T Edwards, author
  • 4. The Great Powers And Southeast Asia: A Year of Diplomatic Effervescence, by Chin Kin Wah, author
  • 5. Recent Developments in China-Asean Relations, by Khaw Guat Hoon, author
  • 6. The Threat of Protectionism to Developing Countries, by Augustine H H Tan , author
  • 7. Asean States: The Law of the Sea and Fisheries Jurisdiction, by Phiphat Tangsubkul, author
  • 8. Population Trends In Burma, by Ismael Khin Maung, author
  • 9. Indonesia: A year of Continuing Challenge, by Leo Suryadinata, author
  • 10. The Indonesian Economy: Looking Towards Repelita III, by Anne Booth, author
  • 11. Social Issues in Recent Indonesian Literature, by Boen S Oemarjati, author
  • 12. Indonesian Education In The Seventies: Problems of Rapid Growth, by Ward Heneveld, author
  • 13. The Kampuchean-Vietnamese Conflict, by Stephen P Heder, author
  • 14. Malaysia Year of Election, by Y Mansoor Marican, author
  • 15. Aspects of Regional Economic Problems And Policy In Malaysia, by Lim Kok Cheong, author
  • 16. Malay Political Parties: An Interpretative Essay, by Kamarudin Jaffar, author
  • 17. The Philippines: From Martial Law To "Crisis Government", by Benjamin N Muego , author
  • 18. Elites Of Wealth And Elites Of Power, The Changing Dynamic: A Philippine Case Study, by David Wurfel, author
  • 19. Church And Martial Law In The Philippines: The Continuing Debate, by Dennis Shoesmith, author
  • 20. Singapore: New Development Strategy for Further Growth, by Saw Swee-Hock, author
  • 21. Recent Changes In The Singapore Manufacturing Sector, by Lee Soo Ann, author
  • 22. Singapore's Language Policies: Strategies for a Plural Society, by S Gopinathan, author
  • 23. Thailand: An Overview of Politics and Foreign Relations, by Khien Theeravit, author
  • 24. The Kriangsak Government And The Thai Economy, by Vichitvong na Pombhejara, author
  • 25. The Tribal Minorities of Northern Thailand: Problems and Prospects, by Robert Cooper, author
  • 26. Vietnam: Neither Peace nor War, by Huynh Kim Khanh, author
  • 27. Vietnam: Institutional Development in a Time of Crisis, by David W P Elliott, author

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