Southeast Asian Affairs 1987

Southeast Asian Affairs 1987
M Ayoob, editor
Date of publication:  1987
Number of pages:  363
Code:  SEAA87


  • Preliminary pages
  • 1. Southeast Asia in 1986: Year of Change, Continuity, and Challenges, by Muthiah Alagappa, author
  • 2. The Market Economies of Southeast Asia in 1986, by Lee Soo Ann, author
  • 3. ASEAN Economic Co-operation: Running in Circles or New Directions?, by Hans Christoph Rieger, author
  • 4. Demographic Problems of Southeast Asia, by Subbiah Gunasekaran, author
  • 5. Recent Trends in Urbanization in the ASEAN Region: Implications for Health Programmes, by Trinidad Osteria, author
  • 6. Brunei Darussalam in 1986: In Search of the Political Kingdom, by K U Menon, author
  • 7. Burma in 1986: The Year of the Snake, by Mya Than, author
  • 8. Suharto's Indonesia: Two Decades On, by Leo Suryadinata, author
  • 9. The Indonesian Economy in 1986: Under the Shadow of a Weakening Oil Market, by Djisman S Simandjuntak, author
  • 10. Cambodia in 1986: The PRK's Eighth Year, by Tim J Huxley, author
  • LAOS
  • 11. Laos in 1986: Into the Second Decade of National Reconstruction, by Ng Shui Meng , author
  • 12. Malaysia in a Recessionary Setting: An Overview, by Mohamed Ariff, author
  • 13. The 1986 Parliamentary Elections in Peninsular Malaysia, by S Sothi Rachagan, author
  • 14. Unfinished Revolution: The Philippines in 1986, by David Timberman, author
  • 15. The Philippine Economic Recovery: Some Issues, by Aurora Sanchez, author
  • 16. Singapore in 1986: A Political and Social Overview, by Wan Hussin Zoohri, author
  • 17. The Singapore Economy in 1986: Problems and Prospects, by Ng Chee Yuen, author
  • 18. Thailand in 1986: Change and Continuity, Yet Again, by Ananda Rajah, author
  • 19. The Change of Military Leadership and its Impact on Thai Politics, by Suchit Bunbongkarn , author
  • 20. The Vietnamese Communist Party in 1986: Party Reform Initiatives, the Scramble towards Economic Revitalization, and the Road to the Sixth National Congress, by Lewis M Stern, author

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