Southeast Asian Affairs 1978

Southeast Asian Affairs 1978
Leo Suryadinata, editor
Date of publication:  1978
Number of pages:  324
Code:  SEAA78


  • Preliminary pages
  • Southeast Asia in 1977: A Political Overview, by Harold Crouch, author
  • Economic Developments in the Region, by Chia Siow Yue , author
  • The Kuala Lumpur Summit: A Second for ASEAN, by Hans H Indorf, author
  • The Three-Nation Agreement on the Malacca Sraits: A Geopolitical Perspective, by Lim Joo-Jock, author
  • ASEAN Security: Dominoes Revisited, by George K Osbourn III, author
  • The "Fukuda Doctrine" and its Implications for Southeast Asia: A Japanese Perspective, by Toru Yano, author
  • Brunei: The Constraints on a Small State, by A J Crosbie, author
  • Current Burmese and Southeast Asian Relations, by Albert D Moscotti, author
  • Problems of Agricultural Development Planning, by Harvey Demaine, author
  • Indonesia: Questions of Stability, by Yong Mun Cheong , author
  • The 1977 Indonesian Elections and New order Legitimacy, by William R Liddle, author
  • Recent Indonesian Rural Development: Dilemma of a Top-Down Approach, by Sediono M P Tjondronegoro , author
  • Malaysia: The National Front on Trial, by Chandra Muzaffar, author
  • The Pan-Malayan Islamic Party: A Critical Observation, by Alias Mohamed, author
  • Chinese Malaysians and malaysian Politics, by Tjoa Hock Guan, author
  • The Philippines: Challenge and Response, by M Rajaretnam, author
  • Towards a Solution of the Moro Problem, by R Joel Jalal-ud-din de los Santos, , author
  • The "New Society" Five Years Later: The State of the Opposition, by Benjamin N Muego , author
  • Singapore: Reconciling the Survival Ideology with the Achievement Concept, by Lee Boon Hiok , author
  • Development Policies and Fertility Behaviour: The Singapore Experience of Social Disincentives, by Peter S J Chen, author
  • Education in Singapore Today, by Gwee Yee Hean , author
  • One Year of Civilian Authoritarian Rule in Thailand: The Rise and Fall of the Tanin Government, by Montri Chenvidyakarn, author
  • Problems of Thai Internal Security, by Somchai Rakwijit, author
  • The Postwar Economic Planning and Development of Vietnam, by Ta Huu Phuong, Guy Ta, authors
  • The Dynamics of Vietnam's Foreign Policy, by William J Duiker III, author

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