Southeast Asian Affairs 1978

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Southeast Asia in 1977: A Political Overview, by Harold Crouch, author 5.00 USD
Economic Developments in the Region, by Chia Siow Yue , author 5.00 USD
The Kuala Lumpur Summit: A Second for ASEAN, by Hans H Indorf, author 5.00 USD
The Three-Nation Agreement on the Malacca Sraits: A Geopolitical Perspective, by Lim Joo-Jock, author 5.00 USD
ASEAN Security: Dominoes Revisited, by George K Osbourn III, author 5.00 USD
The "Fukuda Doctrine" and its Implications for Southeast Asia: A Japanese Perspective, by Toru Yano, author 5.00 USD
Brunei: The Constraints on a Small State, by A J Crosbie, author 5.00 USD
Current Burmese and Southeast Asian Relations, by Albert D Moscotti, author 5.00 USD
Problems of Agricultural Development Planning, by Harvey Demaine, author 5.00 USD
Indonesia: Questions of Stability, by Yong Mun Cheong , author 5.00 USD
The 1977 Indonesian Elections and New order Legitimacy, by William R Liddle, author 5.00 USD
Recent Indonesian Rural Development: Dilemma of a Top-Down Approach, by Sediono M P Tjondronegoro , author 5.00 USD
Malaysia: The National Front on Trial, by Chandra Muzaffar, author 5.00 USD
The Pan-Malayan Islamic Party: A Critical Observation, by Alias Mohamed, author 5.00 USD
Chinese Malaysians and malaysian Politics, by Tjoa Hock Guan, author 5.00 USD
The Philippines: Challenge and Response, by M Rajaretnam, author 5.00 USD
Towards a Solution of the Moro Problem, by R Joel Jalal-ud-din de los Santos, , author 5.00 USD
The "New Society" Five Years Later: The State of the Opposition, by Benjamin N Muego , author 5.00 USD
Singapore: Reconciling the Survival Ideology with the Achievement Concept, by Lee Boon Hiok , author 5.00 USD
Development Policies and Fertility Behaviour: The Singapore Experience of Social Disincentives, by Peter S J Chen, author 5.00 USD
Education in Singapore Today, by Gwee Yee Hean , author 5.00 USD
One Year of Civilian Authoritarian Rule in Thailand: The Rise and Fall of the Tanin Government, by Montri Chenvidyakarn, author 5.00 USD
Problems of Thai Internal Security, by Somchai Rakwijit, author 5.00 USD
The Postwar Economic Planning and Development of Vietnam, by Ta Huu Phuong, Guy Ta, authors 5.00 USD
The Dynamics of Vietnam's Foreign Policy, by William J Duiker III, author 5.00 USD

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