Japan in East Asia: Trading and Investment Strategies

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About the Publication

Wendy Dobson brings an outsider's perspective to the reasons for, and patterns of, Japanese trade and investment in East Asia. Her comparisons of Japanese with U.S. investment and her examination of the strategic roles of government policies throw into question several commonly-held myths. She concludes that Japanese and U.S. investment patterns are generally similar and are likely to become more so in the future. She also questions the common perceptions of regional integration as spontaneous, finding that the policies of East Asian governments towards investment are an important strategic factor in foreign investors' decisions.


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1. Introduction 5.00 USD
2. Economic Environments and Firm Behaviour 5.00 USD
3. The Strategic Behaviour of Governments 5.00 USD
4. Patterns of Trade in East Asia 5.00 USD
5. Foreign Direct Investment and Production Networks 5.00 USD
6. Testing the Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment 5.00 USD
7. Conclusions 5.00 USD
Notes, Appendices, References, About the Author Download

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