The New Wave of Foreign Direct Investment in Asia

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About the Publication

Foreign direct investment is the driving force for economic growth and integration. This book provides in-depth analysis of the requirements for successful FDI in Asia. Economists from ten Asian countries and regions, the NIEs, and the ASEAN countries, as well as Japan and China, present case-studies for each country based on statistical surveys, interviews, and policy analyses. Essential reading for understanding the dynamic growth of Asia and gaining a clear perspective on the region's future.


Preliminary pages with Introduction
1. Foreign Direct Investment and Regional Industrial Restructuring in Asia
2. Evolving Foreign Investment Strategies of Japanese Firms in Asia
3. Globalization, Foreign Direct Investment, and Competitive Strategies of Korean Electronics Companies
4. Taiwan's Outward Direct Investment: Has the Domestic Industry Been Hollowed Out?
5. Staying Global and Going Regional: Singapore's Inward and Outward Direct Investments
6. Foreign Direct Investment and Technology Transfer in the Malaysian Electronics Industry
7. Foreign Direct Investment and Industrial Restructuring in Thailand
8. Foreign Investment Inflows and Political Stability in the Philippines
9. Foreign Direct Investment, Structural Change, and Deregulation in Indonesia
10. Foreign Direct Investment in China's Economic Development
11. Economic Synergy: A Study of Two-Way Foreign Direct Investment Flow between Hong Kong and Mainland China

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