The Welfare State, Public Investment, and Growth

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About the Publication

The current state of research in the international public finance field is elucidated in the fifteeen papers collected in this volume, selected from among the more than 200 that were presented at the 53rd Congress of the International Institute of Public Finance held in Kyoto, Japan, in August 1997. The collection assembled here is not intended to comprise a proceedings of the Congress but, rather, presents the ideas of eminent scholars in areas of current research in the international public finance field: The Welfare State, Public Investment and Economic Growth, Inter-Governmental Relations, Tax Competition and Foreign Direct Investment, Foreign Investment in the Transitional Economies of Russia and China, and Equalization Transfer Systems in Japan and Australia. The highlight of the Congress was the brilliant debate between two of the greatest authorities in the area of public finance, James M. Buchanan and Richard A. Musgrave, whose papers form the opening section of the volume.

Co-publication: ISEAS / SVerlagTok

Institute of Southeast Asian Studies / Springer Verlag, Tokyo


Preliminary pages
1. The Fiscal Crisis in Welfare Democracies with Some Implications for Public Investment
2. Comments on James M. Buchanan's Paper
3. Social Security and Economic Growth -- Implications for East Asia
4. Corruption, Public Investment, and Growth
5. Modeling Government Investment and Economic Growth--A review and Some New Evidence
6. Tax Evasion as a Disciplinary Mechanism for Fiscal Policy
7. Public Investment Issues and Efficient Climate Change Policy
8. Decentralized Government and Macroeconomic Control
9. Foreign Direct Investment -- Rules versus Discretion
10. Foreign Direct Investment and Tax Competition in Southeast Asia
11. Investment Distinctions -- The Effect of Taxes on Foreign Direct Investment in the US
12. Investment Crisis in Post-Soviet Russia
13. The Infrastructure Development and Foreign Direct Investment in China
14. An Equalization Transfer System in Japan
15. Fiscal Federalism in Australia

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