Law of the Sea Zones in the Pacific Ocean

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The United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea produced a Convention in 1982 through which maritime regionalization is to be peacefully organized. However, jurisdictional application of the Law of the Sea has not been easy. In this book the basic problems of regionalization are concisely described in relation to each area regime and the regulations of the new Law of the Sea. The development of maritime law in the Pacific region is summarized and the economic significance of these sea-areas is also clearly stated.


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Law of the Sea Zones in the Pacific Ocean 20.00 USD
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1. Conditions and Contents of the New Convention on the Law of the Sea 5.00 USD
2. Australia and New Zealand 5.00 USD
3. Southeast Asia 5.00 USD
4. East Asia 5.00 USD
5. The South Pacific Islands 5.00 USD
6. Some Comments on Regionalism and Importance of the Maritime Law Zones in the Western Pacific Ocean 5.00 USD
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