ASEAN's Myanmar Crisis: Challenges to the Pursuit of a Security Community

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About the Publication

"In line with recent reviews of policy by Aung San Suu Kyi and the U.S. Government, ASEAN's Myanmar Crisis: Challenges to the Pursuit of a Security Community provides a clear and innovative analysis of why it is necessary to reassess regional and international approaches to Myanmar. For the first time, this book also reveals the full extent to which Myanmar has challenged the solidarity and development of ASEAN itself. This is a must read for anyone interested in either Myanmar or the future of Southeast Asia." - Maung Zarni, Research Fellow on Burma at the LSE Centre for Global Governance, London School of Economics and Political Science; Founder, Free Burma Coalition
           "This is the first comprehensive study of the tensions for ASEANs security community concept arising from Myanmar's membership of ASEAN. Too much commentary about Myanmar is agenda-driven; this study is objective, meticulously researched, and finely balanced. Being an 'outsider', Christopher Roberts recognizes the dynamics that characterize these complex relationships, and analyses them with care and insight." - Trevor Wilson, former Australian Ambassador to Myanmar (2000-03); Visiting Fellow, Australian National University, Canberra
           "The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has set itself the goal of creating an ASEAN Security Community by 2015. This book is a highly original empirical study of instability in Myanmar and its transnational impact set within the framework of the security community theory. Roberts advances innovative policy proposals aimed at addressing Myanmar's human security issues in order to improve governance and the capacity for reform. This book will be the required reading for academics and policy-makers as the process of constructing a regional security community unfolds." - Carlyle A. Thayer, Professor of Politics, UNSW at the Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra


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ASEAN's Myanmar Crisis: Challenges to the Pursuit of a Security Community 29.00 USD
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1. A Contemporary Application of Security Community Frameworks 5.00 USD
2. Developing A Defendable Framework: The Processes behind the Emergence of a Security Community 5.00 USD
3. The Evolution of Domestic Instability and Its Extent in Myanmar 5.00 USD
4. ASEAN Security in Myanmar's Shadow 5.00 USD
5. Myanmar's Membership in ASEAN: Historical and Contemporary Implications 5.00 USD
6. Myanmar and Elite-level Cohesion: A Case of Irreconcilable Dichotomies? 5.00 USD
7. Integration Absent Community? Regional Challenges, Collective Responses, and Domestic Opportunities 5.00 USD
8. ASEAN's Myanmar Crisis: The Road Ahead and the Prospects for a Security Community 5.00 USD
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