The 2nd ASEAN Reader

The 2nd ASEAN Reader
Date of publication:  2003
Publisher:  Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
Number of pages:  604
Code:  BM248
Soft Cover
ISBN: 9789812302335
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"Siddique and Kumar's work is a superb collection of information, ideas, and concepts that will assist teachers of courses that include a focus on Southeast Asia. The volume can either stand alone in a course that deals exclusively with Southeast Asia or contribute to a broader classroom experience that includes a focus on the countries that make up the membership of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations" (Education About Asia).

About the publication

The Second ASEAN Reader is a sequel to the first ASEAN Reader, published by ISEAS in 1992. Some of the classic readings from the original ASEAN Reader have been incorporated into this new compilation, but the majority of the readings cover the events from 1993 to 2003. During this decade ASEAN as an organization was revamped, and its membership increased from six to ten.
           ASEAN has had to carve a niche in the proliferation of regional associations and bilateral relationships which mark the accelerating era of globalization. The economic pivot point for the decade was certainly the 1997 Asian crisis, while the war on terrorism has had a ripple effect on intra-ASEAN co-operation. ASEANs resilience and ability to adapt has allowed the organization to navigate on a steady course into the 21st century.


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