Assessing APEC's Progress: Trade, Ecotech and Institutions

Assessing  APEC's Progress: Trade, Ecotech and Institutions
Date of publication:  2001
Publisher:  Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
Number of pages:  190
Code:  APEC6

About the publication

In its first ten years, what has the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) accomplished? Has the 21-member forum - including the United States, Japan, China, Mexico, and most of Southeast Asia -- fulfilled its promise? To answer these vital questions, leading scholars at APEC Study Centres from thirteen APEC member economies undertook detailed studies of such central issues as trade in services, investment policy, human resource development, food and agriculture, energy, and financial stability.The findings are summarized in a policy report, "Learning From Experience", that has received wide praise and close scrutiny from senior government officials. The report concludes that APEC has successfully established itself as a world-class forum that has contributed to the affirmation of a coherent set of positive ideas. However, the report notes shortcomings in each of the critical areas of trade and investment liberalization, economic and technical cooperation, and institutional structure, and offers remedial policy recommendations to improve APECs future performance. This volume contains both the policy report and the issue studies. It is the product of the APEC International Assessment Network (APIAN), a collaborative, independent project among participating APEC Study Centres to track and assess the design and execution of key APEC initiatives.


  • Assessing APEC's Progress: Trade, Ecotech and Institutions
    [Whole Publication, ISBN: 9789812305008]
  • Preliminary pages
  • Introduction, by Richard E Feinberg, author
  • 1. Learning from Experience: The First APIAN Policy Report
  • 2. IAP Commitments in Services, by Chen-Sheng Ho, author
  • 3. APEC's Commitments on Investment, by Myrna S Austria, author
  • 4. Competition Policy and Regulatory Reform, by Merit E Janow, author
  • 5. Mobility of Business People in APEC, by Leonardo A Lanzona, author
  • 6. Human Resource Development in APEC, by Jianren Lu, Glen Taylor, authors
  • 7. The APEC Food System in 2000: A Case Study, by Robert Scollay, author
  • 8. APEC's Goals in Industrial Science and Technology, by Neantro Saavedra-Rivano, author
  • 9. Energy Development in APEC, by John McKay, author
  • 10. Development of Economic Infrastructure, by John McKay, author
  • 11. The Reform of Corporate Governance After the Asian Economic Crisis, by John McKay, author
  • 12. Financial Stability in the APEC Region, by Michael G Plummer, author
  • 13. APEC as an Institution, by Vinod K Aggarwal, Kun-Chin Lin, authors
  • Glossary & Index

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