Between UMNO and a Hard Place: The Najib Razak Era Begins

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About the Publication

Enough time has passed, and enough key events have taken place for the contours of the administration of Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to be apparent. While it has flirted openly with reforms, and has used phrases otherwise used by the opposition, its sincerity - and its capability - is still in doubt.
           More that that, it is not as yet clear how convinced the government actually is about of the need for institutional reforms, especially when the institutions in need of reform include the police, the anti-corruption agency, the judiciary and the dominant party, UMNO. With a new coalition opposing him in parliament, Najib comes to power wedged between his own coalition's aged traditions and the restive spirit of the times. Whether he can squeeze his way into a comfortable spot and stay in power is the question the coming years will answer.

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Between UMNO and a Hard Place: The Najib Razak Era Begins [Whole Publication, ISBN: 978-981-4311-29-8] 4.90 USD
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Preliminary pages
1. Feeding that addiction
2. The Pakatan tide continues
3. The painful path towards devolution
4. Advantage Najib? BN may pay a high price for Perak polarisation
5. A cyber war in Malaysian politics?
6. Bewildered in Malaysia, perplexed in Perak, stupefied in Selangor
7. Still suffering from growing pains
9. Can Najib be the reformist Abdullah failed to be?
8. Umno's elections are as important as ever
10. What Najib needs
11. Najib now has to deliver on his promises
12. No let-up in voter revolt
13. Time for Najib to go for broke
14. The May 13 Legacy
15. The Chin Peng Challenge
16. Is the future for PAS to lose?
17. The transformation of PAS has just begun
18. Making incumbency count
19. Populism has its redeeming points
20. "Remember Beng Hock" will be a steady battle cry
21. Teoh's case stems from disregard of due process
22. Let's all be 1Malaysians already
23. Reformist conservatives versus conservative reformists
24. Can Najib drop 'Malays' from Umno?
25. The last pickings of race ideology
26. No strong MCA without a strong Umno
27. BN infighting is just beginning
28. Bagan Pinang is Umnos to lose
29. Imagine no Umno-MCA symbiosis
30. What Najib seeks is 1BN
31. Another index, another drubbing for Malaysia
32. Malaysian Model - What went wrong?
33. BTN issue is a Pandora's Box
34. A loosening of commitments
35. Middle Malaysia vs One Malaysia
36. A severe test for Pakatan Rakyat
37. Federalism going down the toilet
38. Pakatan Rakyat's glass is half full
39. How Najib is like Obama
40. Muhyiddin mirrors Umno's dilemma
41. Is the Malaysian Chinese Association able to give up race-based politics?
42. Writing's on the wall in Hulu Selangor
43. PKR weaknesses shown up again
44. Closure to May 13 remains elusive
45. Pakatan chips away at Barisan wall
46. Najib, the stealth strategist
Epilogue - Now that Umno is 64

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