Malaysia: Recent Trends and Challenges

Malaysia: Recent Trends and Challenges
Date of publication:  2005
Number of pages:  313
Code:  BM288


"This book is a must-read for two reasons. First, it documents and analyses the current phase of leadership change, which marks the closure of the Mahathir era, and the initiation of a new era in Malaysian politics. Second, this handing over of the political baton parallels a similar process among scholars and intellectuals. Professor Wang Gungwu represents the 'senior tier' of Malaysianists while Messrs Terence Chong, Ahmad Fauzi Abdul Hamid, Lee Hock Guan and Farizal Haji Mohd Razalli represent the 'young' group" (The Straits Times).

About the publication

This book documents the trends and challenges that are taking place in the more important sectors of Malaysia. The chapters, written by specialists with an intimate knowledge of the country, cover major topics such as population trends and patterns, Islam Hadhari, Bangsa Malaysia, politics and the 2004 general election, civil service reforms, corporate governance, educational reforms, the impact of globalisation on the economy, and Malaysia’s relations with Singapore. Recent developments in these areas are likely to have a profound bearing on Malaysia and its neighbours in the years ahead. The book provides readers with a greater appreciation and a deeper understanding of Malaysia, which is undergoing significant changes and challenges.


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