Southeast Asian Regionalism: New Zealand Perspectives

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"Nicholas Tarling is one of the most outstanding scholars of modern Southeast Asia. His recent book, Southeast Asian Regionalism: New Zealand Perspectives, is an impressive piece of research and an invaluable study of the ancestors of ASEAN -- ASA and SEAFET. The book's main focus, as the title indicates, is Southeast Asian Regionalism in the perspective of New Zealand, with particular emphasis on the strong motive behind the early attempts at collective defence of Southeast Asia. In Tarling's view, the strong motive is to 'limit disputes among themselves and the intervention of states external to the region' (p. 92). Tarling is a knowledgeable scholar and turns to the archives of external powers, which 'contain not only reports from New Zealand diplomats but also from Australian and Canadian diplomats as well' (p. 2). The book is well organized: it is divided into a number of sections, and each section focuses on a specific historical period of Southeast Asia. One of the main strengths of Tarling's work is to explain the strong motive behind the early attempts at collective defence of Southeast Asia in two aspects, one is to avoid the dominance by one substantial regional power, the other is to restrict the intervention of major outside powers.... This is a work of admirable scholarship, which will not only be an enriching and important contribution to 'study the early years of ASEAN in more detail' (p. 93), but also be recommended to all those interested in the international relations of Southeast Asia" (East Asian Integration Studies).

About the Publication

With the disappearance of the imperial structures that had dominated Southeast Asia, newly independent states had to develop foreign policies of their own. But so far few if any of these states have been willing to allow the public to explore any documentation of their activities. Building on his earlier work that drew on U.K. records, the author incorporates material from New Zealand archives -- which also contain reports from Australian and Canadian diplomats -- to provide a historical analysis of the foreign policies of Southeast Asian nations from a New Zealand perspective.


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