Korea's Changing Roles in Southeast Asia: Expanding Influence and Relations

Korea's Changing Roles in Southeast Asia: Expanding Influence and Relations
Date of publication:  2010
Publisher:  ISEAS / ASEAN-Korea Centre
Number of pages:  380
Code:  BM379


"Although Korea and the ASEAN countries have had a very close relationship since achieving independence in the 1940s and 1950s, systematic reviews of that relationship are alarmingly scarce due to the preoccupation of scholars, both Korean and Southeast Asian, with more urgent issues surrounding the country and the region. The consequence of this situation is the limited academic capacity of both Korea and the ASEAN countries to ponder past, present and future bilateral relations, which, if managed well, might have contributed to mutual interests. The chapters, including the introductory one by David I. Steinberg, provide a useful and diverse portrait of the current status of the Korea-ASEAN relationship. The authors of the chapters are prominent scholars who have conducted research on the topics covered and are very familiar with the current situation. Therefore, this book is a good first guide for researchers interested in the relationship, as well as those new to the topic" (Pacific Affairs).

About the publication

The Republic of Korea's global expansion has been mirrored by its interest and presence in Southeast Asia. From trade, investment, aid, tourism, to the cultural "Korean wave", its various roles have blossomed and its influence has grown. The ASEAN region has not only affected Korean foreign policy, but also many aspects of Korean life, from the migration of Southeast Asian industrial workers to marriages and the curricula of academic institutions. This volume explores various aspects of these new relationships and their importance to all concerned parties. It brings together a group of specialists who have documented the growing interlocking roles between Korea and ASEAN and its constituent states in detail. These developments have profound implications for relations in the East and Southeast Asian regions, and for the world as a whole.

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