Singapore through Arab Eyes

Singapore through Arab Eyes
Bouchaib Silm, author
Date of publication:  2007
Number of pages:  141
Code:  BM312

About the publication

Singapore through Arab Eyes, written entirely in Arabic, aims to introduce Singapore to readers in the Middle East. Being a small island without any natural resources, Singapore offers its unique brand of education, healthcare, tourism, and trade to visitors from all over the world. The Asia-Middle East Dialogue hosted by Singapore in 2005 provided an opportunity for consultation and negotiation among politicians, business people and intellectuals from both regions. Since then, relations between Singapore and the Middle East have flourished through the exchange of high-level visits by both parties.
          This is the first book about Singapore to be written in Arabic. The author is a Moroccan who has made Singapore his home since 1998. In this book, he presents Singapore from his personal experience and observations of life in a multi-cultural country.


  • Singapore through Arab Eyes
  • Preliminary pages
  • 1. The Beginning
  • 2. Singapore in Brief
  • 3. Singapore's Population
  • 4. Islam in Singapore
  • 5. Arabs in Singapore
  • 6. Days of the Past
  • 7. Welcome to Singapore
  • 8. Singapore Hotels
  • 9. No Progress Without Knowledge
  • 10. Healthcare
  • 11. Islamic Banking and Wealth Management
  • 12. Singapore Landmarks
  • 13. Singapore in Colours
  • 14. Milestones
  • 15. Photo Credits

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