Bibliography of Malaysian Demography

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About the Publication

Bibliography of Malaysian Demography contains the most comprehensive and up-to-date list of 1,379 titles covering various aspects of the demography of Malaysia. The titles have been classified into twenty-one sections dealing with the more important topics such as census reports, population laws, internal migration, urbanization, ethnic composition, nuptiality, fertility, labour force, family planning, population problems, population ageing, and future population trends. Within each section, the titles have been arranged according to the alphabetical order of the author's name, and also included is an author index. The book is an indispensable source for researchers interested in the demography of Malaysia.


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1. Census Report
2. Other Reports
3. Population Laws
4. General
5. Methodology
6. Housing and Household
7. International Migration
8. Population Growth and Structure
9. Ethnic Composition
10. Population Distribution and Settlement
11. Internal Migration
12. Urbanization
13. Mortality
14. Nuptiality
15. Fertility
16. Labour Force
17. Family Planning
18. Population Problems
19. Population Policies
20. Population Ageing
21.Future Population Trends
Author Index

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