Asian Development Experience Vol1: External Factors for Asian Development

Asian Development Experience Vol1: External Factors for Asian Development
Hirohisa Kohama, editor
Date of publication:  2004
Number of pages:  240
Code:  BM251

About the publication

This book investigates the effects of Japans foreign aid for development, trade and FDI in ASEAN economies from various perspectives, including: the historical implications of Japans involvement; agricultural exports; the development patterns of the Southeast Asian economies; the formation of international production and distribution networks; poverty reduction; upgrading technology; and industrial agglomeration.
          The contributors analyse trade, FDI and foreign aid from the standpoint of policy coherence at the interface between development co-operation and many other policy areas: trade, agriculture, food safety, fisheries, intellectual property, the environment, international finance, tax policy, migration, and peace and security.


  • Asian Development Experience Vol1: External Factors for Asian Development
  • Preliminary pages
  • 1. Introduction: Aid, Trade, and FDI for Economic Development in East Asia, by Hirohisa Kohama, author
  • 2. Japan's Development Cooperation in East Asia: A Historical Overview of Japan's ODA and its Impact, by Hirohisa Kohama, author
  • 3. Japan's ODA and Poverty Reduction: A Cross-Donor Comparison and a Case Study of Malaysia, by Yasuyuki Sawada, Hiroyuki Yamada, authors
  • 4. Upgrading Technology in ASEAN Countries and Japan's ODA, by Shujiro Urata, author
  • 5. The Significance of Japan's ODA in Indonesia's Agricultural Development: The Case of Increased Rice Production, by Masahiro Omura, author
  • 6. ODA as a Catalyst for FDI and Industrial Agglomeration, by Matsuo Watanabe, author
  • 7. The Role of Agricultural Exports Reconsidered: A Case of Three Southeast Asian Countries, by Masayoshi Honma, author
  • 8. Seeking New Development Strategies: The Role of Government and ODA in Southeast Asia, by Fukunari Kimura, author
  • 9. A New Japanese Approach to Nation Building: People-Centred Human Security, by Kaoru Ishikawa, author
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