APEC & Development Co-operation

APEC & Development Co-operation
Mohamed Ariff, editor
Date of publication:  1998
Publisher:  Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
Number of pages:  186
Code:  APEC5

About the publication

The traditional form of official development assistance (ODA) has assumed less importance. With more liberalized conditions fostering a more open economic environment in the developing countries, private resources and multilateral bank lending have assumed a leading role. This means that those countries not favouring open policies will be left behind while they rely on ODA as the only resource -- yet this resource is declining.Following the devastations caused by the 1997 Asian Currency Crisis, it is clear that coherent APEC guidance to create sufficiency in infrastructure is necessary. A reassessment of ODA for infrastructure is recommended while not demeaning the dependence of some poorer nations on the traditonal form of development assistance.


  • APEC & Development Co-operation
    [Whole Publication, ISBN: 9789814414210]
  • Preliminary pages
  • An Overview and Assessment: Official Development Assistance, by Woo Yuen Pau, author
  • Asian Infrastructure Projects: Canadian Experience, Policy and Prospects, by Lim Hua Sing, author
  • Japan's Official Development Assistance to China, Indonesia and Singapore, by Donald C Hellman, author
  • The United States, ODA, and Infrastructure Development of APEC Countries, by Lu Jianren , author
  • China's Experience in Utilizing ODA and APEC Development Cooperation, by Prabowo, author
  • Official Development Assistance: The Indonesian Experience and Prospect, by Mohamed Ariff, author
  • Official Development Assistance: Singapore's Experience and Approaches, by Mohamed Ariff, author
  • Lessons for APEC Development Cooperation

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