OECD and ASEAN Economies: The Challenges of Policy Coherence

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About the Publication

"Policy coherence" has come to the top of the policy agenda for the international community, including the OECD's Development Assistance Committee. Despite much use of the term in recent years, the notion itself and related issues have not yet been analysed in a systematic manner. This study examines policy coherence problems and issues facing OECD Member countries in their broader economic interactions with developing economies today. It focuses on an analysis of the relationships between OECD and ASEAN economies, relationships which are evolving from dependency to partnership, going beyond aid to trade, investment and environment. The book should help policy makers from both donor and recipient nations to understand better what is meant by the "policy coherence approach" to development co-operation.
          This volume is based on papers by leading experts on OECD-ASEAN economic relations presented to two seminars sponsored by the OECD Development Centre in 1993 and jointly with ISEAS in 1994. It makes an important contribution to the ongoing review of development co-operation policy, both within the OECD and in its Member countries.

Co-publication: ISEAS / OECD

Institute of Southeast Asian Studies / OECD Development Centre


Preliminary pages, including an Introductory Overview
1. The OECD and ASEAN: Changing Economic Linkages and the Challenge of Policy Coherence, by Kiichiro Fukasaku, contributor
2. ASEAN and Economic Integration in the Americas, by Michael G Plummer, contributor
3. Aid and Development in ASEAN: Lessons from the 1980s, by Anwar Nasution, contributor
4.Towards Greater Coherence in Foreign-Investment Policy, by Chia Siow Yue , contributor
5. Environmental Policies of the OECD and Their Implications for ASEAN, by Mohamed Ariff, contributor
6. U.S. Policy Coherence and ASEAN Economic Development, by Michael G Plummer, contributor
7. The Coherence or Lack of Coherence in Japan's Economic Policies Towards Developing Countries
8. Japan's External Policies and ASEAN, by Pang Eng Fong, contributor
9. Economic Reform in Japan and Its Implications for Asia
10. On the Coherence of EC Policies, by Rolf J Langhammer, contributor

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