ASEAN Economic Bulletin Vol. 3/2 (Nov 1986)

ASEAN Economic Bulletin Vol. 3/2 (Nov 1986)
Date of publication:  November 1986
Number of pages:  132
Code:  AE3/2


  • Preliminary pages
  • ASEAN-U.S. Trade Relations: An Overview, by Dean A DeRosa, author
  • U.S. Contractual Arrangements in Some ASEAN Countries: Selected Case Studies in Thailand, by Mingsarn Santikarn Kaosa-ard, author
  • The Impact of U.S. Policy Mix on the ASEAN Economies, 1980-84: The Neglected European-Japanese Connection, by Wing Thye Woo, author
  • Transfer of Technology to the ASEAN Region by U.S. Transnational Corporations, by Charles W Lindsey, author
  • Regionalism and ASEAN Industrial Relation, by Basu Sharma, author
  • The "Game" of ASEAN Trade Preferences: Alternatives for the Future of Trade Liberalization, by Tom Jackson, author
  • SHORT PAPERS, NOTES, AND COMMENTS: LDC Manufactured Exports: Do Definitions Matter? Some examples from ASEAN, by Hal Hill, author
  • SHORT PAPERS, NOTES, AND COMMENTS: Measurement of the Overall Budget Balance in Singapore, by Mukul G Asher, author
  • DOCUMENTATION: Joint Press Statement of the Seventh ASEAN-U.S. Dialogue, Singapore, 8-9 May 1986
  • BOOK REVIEWS: A Question of Class: Capital, the State and Uneven Development in Malaya, by Jomo Kwame Sundaram, by Tilak K Doshi, Woo Yuen Pau, authors
  • BOOK REVIEWS: Philippine Industrialization: Foreign and Domestic Capital, by Kunio Yoshihara, by Hal Hill, author
  • ASEAN Chronology 1986
  • Conferences, Workshops, and Seminars
  • Some Recent Publications

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