Vietnam's Economic Policy since 1975

Vietnam's Economic Policy since 1975
Vo Nhan Tri, author
Date of publication:  2000
Number of pages:  268
Code:  BM106

About the publication

After a precipitate reunification (1975), the Hanoi leadership imposed upon the South the Stalinist-Maoist strategy of economic development which had been until then applied in the North. This "Northernization" resulted in an economic crisis for the whole country during the last years of the Second Five-Year Plan. Despite some partial reforms, the country was again plunged into a more serious economic and financial crisis at the end of the Third Five-Year Plan, particularly after the ill-conceived monetary reform in September 1985. At the time of its Sixth National Congress (December 1986) the Party's new leadership advocated a strategic shift in its overall economic policy under the banner of Doi Moi (Renovation).


  • Vietnam's Economic Policy since 1975
  • Preliminary pages
  • 1. Legacy of the Development Model of North Vietnam, 1955-75
  • 2. Reunification and "Socialist Transformation", 1975-80
  • 3. The Third Five-Year Plan, 1981-85
  • 4. Economic "Renovation", 1986-90
  • 5. Conclusion

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