ASEAN-China Economic Relations: Developments in ASEAN and China

ASEAN-China Economic Relations: Developments in ASEAN and China
Date of publication:  1989
Publisher:  Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
Number of pages:  337
Code:  PIC47

About the publication

This second volume on ASEAN-China Economic Relations focuses on macro-economic and institutional developments in China and in selected sectors in ASEAN and China, and their implications for bilateral economic relations.

Co-publication: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

Institute of Southeast Asian Studies


  • ASEAN-China Economic Relations: Developments in ASEAN and China
    [Whole Publication, ISBN: 9789814377119]
  • Preliminary pages
  • 1. Economic Reforms in China & Their Impact on China-ASEAN Economic Relations, by Yang Deming, Yu Yunding, Shen Huasong, authors
  • 2. China's Changing Industrial Structure: Its Impact on Economic Relations with ASEAN Countries, by Cheng Bifan, Luo Shaohong, Gao Tiesen, authors
  • 3. Policies, Mechanisms, & Institutions Affecting ASEAN-China Economic Relations, by Paul Chan, author
  • 4. Development of the ASEAN Petroleum Industry and Implications for ASEAN-China Economic Relations, by Hadi Soesastro, author
  • 5. Development of China's Petroleum Industry and Its Effect on China-ASEAN Economic Relations, by Shao Zuze, Guo Peixing, Li Yong, authors
  • 6. Development of the ASEAN Textile & Garment Industry & Implications for ASEAN-China Economic Relation, by Emmanuel T. Velasco, author
  • 7. Development of the Textile & Garment Industry in China & Implications for the China-ASEAN Economic Relations, by Lin BI, Xu Xianquan, Zhang Jianfen, authors
  • 8. Trade in Services between ASEAN & China, by Chew Soon Beng , author
  • 9. ASEAN-China Trade: Prospects for Counter-Trade, by Juanjai Ajanant, author
  • 10. Counter-Trade in the Framework of China-ASEAN Trade, by Pang Rongqian, Fu Zhenghao, Ma Yuanhe, authors
  • 11. Export Processing Zones: The ASEAN Experience, by Mohamed Ariff, author
  • 12. China's Experience with Special Economic Zones, by Wei Yanshen, Wang Yaoyuan, Gu Yuanyang, authors
  • The Editors

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