ASEAN Economic Bulletin Vol. 2/1 (Jul 1985)

ASEAN Economic Bulletin Vol. 2/1 (Jul 1985)
Date of publication:  July 1985
Number of pages:  82
Code:  AE2/1


  • Preliminary pages
  • Long-Term Perspectives of ASEAN, by Agus Dwiyanto, author
  • ASEAN Energy Use and Its Relation to Economic Growth, by Ang Beng Wah, author
  • ASEAN Manufactured Exports: Performance and Revealed Comparative Advantage, by Mohamed Ariff, Hal Hill, authors
  • Old and New Patterns of International Specialization: The Shares of Inter- and Intra-Industry Transactions in ASEAN-EC Trade, 197482, by Gerhard Schmitt-Rink, author
  • DOCUMENTATION: ASEAN-Japan Economic Council (AJEC) Code of Ethics
  • DOCUMENTATION: Summary of Conclusions of the 5th Meeting of the ASEAN-EEC Joint Cooperation Committee, Cha-Am, Thailand, 1718 December 1984
  • BOOK REVIEWS: The Motor Vehicle Industry in Asia: A Study on Ancillary Firm Development, edited by Konosuke Odaka, by Hans Christoph Rieger, author
  • BOOK REVIEWS: Economic Relations Between Western Europe and Developing Asia, published by Asian Development Bank, by Hans Christoph Rieger, author
  • BOOK REVIEWS: Korea's Competitive Edge: Managing the Entry into World Markets, by Yung Whee Rhee, Bruce Ross-Larson, and Garry Pursell, by Raphael Chaponniere, author
  • BOOK REVIEWS: Small- and Medium-scale Industries in the ASEAN Countries: Agents or Victims of Economic Development?, by Mathias Bruch and Ulrich Hiemenz, by Hans Christoph Rieger, author
  • ASEAN Chronology 1985
  • Conferences, Workshops, and Seminars
  • Some Recent Publications

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