Foreign Investment in Singapore: Economic and Socio-Political Ramifications

Foreign Investment in Singapore: Economic and Socio-Political Ramifications
Date of publication:  1977
Publisher:  Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
Number of pages:  246
Code:  FR13

About the publication

This study, in five parts, aims to throw more light on the social and political implications of foreign investment in Singapore. The first part investigates the reasons for foreign investors seeking out Singapore as a base for their operations and points to the significance of viewing this aspect of the problem in a broader regional, even global, social and political context. Part two consists largely of fieldwork material which support and augment the conclusions of the preceding part. Part three is a case study of the important petroleum-refining industry, and highlights its role in Singapore's overall economic growth. The fourth, a field study of the perceptions held by one group of small local businessmen (the motor fuel retailers, toward the oil companies) suggests the importance of cultural factors in the understanding of the evolving situation which follows upon the large-scale influx of foreign investment. Concludes with a basically reflective paper on the wider social and political ramifications of foreign investment in Singapore.


  • Foreign Investment in Singapore: Economic and Socio-Political Ramifications
    [Whole Publication, ISBN: 9789814376372]
  • Preliminary pages
  • 1. Foreign Investment & Industrialization in Singapore: Adaptive Policies & Responses in an Internationally Competitive Situation, by Lim Joo-Jock, author
  • 2. Some Mutual Views & Attitudes, by Lim Yoon Lin, author
  • 3. Singapore's Petroleum Sector: A Case Study of the Country's Investment Growth, by Corazon M. Siddayao, author
  • 4. The Multinational Petroleum Companies & their Retailers in Singapore: A Potential Conflict Situation, by Lim Joo-Jock, author
  • 5. Some Aspects of the Wider Political & Social Ramifications of Foreign Investment, by Lim Joo-Jock, author
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