Religion, Values & Development in Southeast Asia

Religion, Values & Development in Southeast Asia
Date of publication:  1986
Publisher:  Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
Number of pages:  168
Code:  BM76

About the publication

This volume contains ten papers presented at the joint Conference of the Canadian Council for Southeast Asian Studies and the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore, in 1982. The contributors are each specialists in their given fields, and teach in either Canada or Southeast Asia. The essays cover a wide range of issues related to traditional and contemporary Southeast Asia. They include anthropological, economic, linguistic, legal and historical perspectives, and focus on Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Burma.


  • Religion, Values & Development in Southeast Asia
    [Whole Publication, ISBN: 9789814379076]
  • Preliminary pages, by Bruce Matthews, author
  • 1. Max Weber's Heritage & Modern Southeast Asian Thinking on Development, by Andreas Buss, author
  • 2. The Use of Customary Law in Development in Southeast Asia, by Lakshman Marasinghe, author
  • 3. The Impact of the Islamic Revival (Dakwah) on the Religious Culture of Malaysia, by Judith Nagata, author
  • 4. Buddhism, Modernization & National Purpose, by Bruce Matthews, author
  • 5. Buddhism & National Development: A Case Study of Buddhist Universities, by Chatsumarn Kabilsingh, author
  • 6. A Brief Exploration into the Nature of Men-Women relations Among Pre-Colonial Malayan People, by Marie-Andree Couillard, author
  • 7. Women's Studies in Rural Indonesia, by Pudjiwati Sajogyo, author
  • 8. Forms of Rationality, Rationalization, and Social Transformation in a Northern Philippine Community, by Raul Pertierra, author
  • 9. Angkor Wat Examined from a Sacrificial Point of View, by Helene Legendre De Koninck, author
  • 10. Historical and Contemporary Meanings of Thai Khwan: The Use of Lexical Meaning Change as an Indicator of Culture Change, by Wilaiwan Kanittanan, James Placzek, authors

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