Wang Gungwu: Junzi: Scholar-Gentleman in Conversation with Asad-ul Iqbal Latif

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This book of interviews with Professor Wang Gungwu, published to felicitate him on his 80th birthday in 2010, seeks to convey to a general audience something of the life, times and thoughts of a leading historian, Southeast Asianist, Sinologist and public intellectual. The interviews flesh out Professor Wangs views on being Chinese in Malaya; his experience of living and working in Malaysia, Singapore and Australia; the Vietnam War; Hong Kong and its return to China; the rise of China; Taiwans, Japans and Indias place in the emerging scheme of things; and on the United States in an age of terrorism and war. The book includes an interview with his wife, Mrs Margaret Wang, on their life together for half a century. Two interviews by scholars on Professor Wangs work are also included, as are his curriculum vitae and a select bibliography of his works.
           What comes across in this book is how Professor Wang was buffeted by feral times and hostile worlds but responded to them as a left-liberal humanist who refused to cut ideological corners. This book records his response to tumultuous times on hindsight, but with a keen sense of having lived through the times of which he speaks.


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Wang Gungwu: Junzi: Scholar-Gentleman in Conversation with Asad-ul Iqbal Latif (PLEASE NOTE THAT FOR COPYRIGHT REASONS THIS PDF VERSION OF THE BOOK DOES NOT INCLUDE THE APPENDICES). [Whole Publication, ISBN: 978-981-4311-54-0] 24.00 USD
Preliminary Pages
Junzi: Scholar-Gentleman by Asad-ul Iqba Latif
Interviews with Professor Wang Gungwu
APPENDICES: In Coversation with Wang Gungwu by Vineeta Sinha; and Rethinking Chinese History in a Global Age: An Interview with Wang Gungwu by Alan Baumler
Wang Gungwu: Curriculum Vitae
Wang Gungwu: Select Publications

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