The Indian National Army and Japan

The Indian National Army and Japan
Joyce C Lebra, author
Date of publication:  2008
Number of pages:  257
Code:  BM343


"This is still the only work dealing with the interaction between the Japanese and the INA using Japanese archival sources. The author did much of her research in Japan itself. No other work in English has surpassed it in its analysis of the complex relationship between Japanese policy formulation and the military facet of the Indian Independence. This women's regiment, part of the INA, was composed primarily of teenage Indian girls from Malaya and Burma who had never seen India, some as young as thirteen, who were eager to volunteer in response to Bose's appeal, and to donate not only their jewellery but also their lives in the struggle to liberate India. This book addresses the academic vacuum on this subject and is appropriately dedicated 'to the women who dared, the Rani of Jhansi Regiment'. The story of a combat-ready women's regiment in an anti-colonial army in South East Asia has been fleshed out to enhance the understanding of the INA's larger contribution to anti-colonialism in the region" (Asian Affairs).

About the publication

This study traces the origins of the Indian National Army in the imagination of Iwaichi Fujiwara, a young Japanese intelligence officer, and the relationship between the Imperial Japanese Army and the Indian National Army as it evolved under the leadership of Bengali revolutionary, Subhas Chandra Bose. The study is unique in its use of Japanese archival sources for analysis of the relationship between Japanese policy formulation and the Indian independence movement in its military phase.


  • The Indian National Army and Japan
    [Whole Publication, ISBN: 9789812308078]
  • Preliminary pages
  • 1. Mission to Bangkok
  • 2. Malayan Jungle Meeting
  • 3. Singapore Capitulates and the INA Blossoms
  • 4. Tokyo Conference
  • 5. Japanese Policy toward India
  • 6. The Crisis of the First INA
  • 7. Subhas Chandra Bose, Hitler, and Tojo
  • 8. Bose, the FIPG, and the Hikari Kikan
  • 9. To India or Not?
  • 10. The Rising Sun Unfurls; the Tiger Springs
  • 11. A Plane Crash
  • 12. A Trial in the Red Fort
  • 13. Retrospect
  • Notes
  • Bibliographical Note
  • Bibliography
  • Index
  • About the Author

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