Roots of Violence in Indonesia

Roots of Violence in Indonesia
Date of publication:  2002
Publisher:  ISEAS / KITLV
Number of pages:  348
Code:  BM234

About the publication

Jakarta, Sambas, Poso, the Molucccas, West Papua. These simple, geographical names have recently obtained strong associations with mass killing, just as Aceh and East Timor, where large-scale violence has flared up again. Lethal incidents between adjacent villages, or between a petty criminal and the crowd, take place throughout Indonesia. Many Indonesia-watchers, both scholars and journalists, explain the violence in terms of the loss of the monopoly on the means of violence by the state since the beginning of Reformasi in 1998. Others point at the omnipresent remnants of the New Order state (1966-98), former President Suharto's clan or the army in particular, as the being behind the present bloodshed. The authors in this volume try to explain violence in Indonesia by looking at it in historical perspective.

Co-publication: ISEAS / KITLV

Institute of Southeast Asian Studies / KITLV Press

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