Dreams and Dilemmas in the Asia-Pacific: Economic Friction and Dispute Resolution

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The volume consists of two parts. Part 1 discusses economic friction in the Asia-Pacific region from three aspects: macroeconomic and microeconomic friction, and that between the state and the market mechanism. Included in the discussion are the recent financial crisis and the economic friction it entailed, the trend of regional integration and its impact on internal and external trade and foreign direct investment, as well as specific types of trade friction and their causes. A case study of the automobile industry is presented. Agricultural trade is also analysed in the context of economic development and the frictions between the state and the market mechanism.
          In Part 2, four types of legal frameworks for dispute resolution are examined. Firstly, the APEC scheme is contrasted with the EU's experience of flexibility and contestability. Then the system of insurance in maritime law is illustrated with particular reference to the handling of dangerous materials such as nuclear or chemical substances. Thirdly, friction in legal procedures in the telecommunications industry is studied as a concrete example of dispute resolution. Finally, the arbitration mechanism is discussed as a scheme to resolve international commercial disputes.

Co-publication: ISEAS / CAPS

Institute of Southeast Asian Studies / Center for Asian & Pacific Studies


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Preliminary pages
1. Introduction and Summary, by Chikara Komura, Koichi Hamada, Mitsuo Matsushita, authors
2. Regional Economic Integration in East Asia: Developments, Issues, and Challenges With Comments by Shujiro Urata, by Chia Siow Yue , author
3. Financial Crisis and Economic Friction among Asian and Pacific Countries With Comments by Takahiko Mutoh, by Lii-Tarn Chen, Sheng-Cheng Hu, Chung-Shu Wu, authors
4. Economic Growth and Financial Setbacks in East Asia, by Koichi Hamada, author
5. Specific and Sectoral Issues in the APEC Region: An Overview With Comments by Makoto Sakurai, by Sueo Sekiguchi, author
6. Automobile Industrial Policy and WTO Agreements: China and Taiwan With Comments by Chikara Komura, by Cheng-Cherng Chen, author
7. Policies Towards Automobile Industries in Southeast Asia, by Chikara Komura, author
8. Economic Friction in Asia-Pacific Agricultural Trade: The Roles of States and Markets With Comments by Masayoshi Honma, by Allan N Rae, author
9. Resolving Economic Frictions: The Role of Value Judgment and Relevance of "Asian Values" With Comments by Koichi Nakajima, by Lu Ding, author
10. The EU as a Model of International Dispute Resolution: Integration through Flexibility, by Imelda Maher, author
11. Can APEC Operate as a Preventative Framework for Trade Disputes? With Comments by Yuji Iwasawa, by Tamio Nakamura, author
12. Settlement of Trade Disputes at the World Trade Organization (WTO), by Mitsuo Matsushita, author
13. Special Rules for Special Situations": Some Developments in Civil Liability in Maritime Law Over the Last Fifty Years, by Alfred H E Popp, Q.C., author
14. Damages at Sea: An Analysis on the Theoretical Background With Comments by Hideo Osuga, by Chai Lee-Sik, author
15. The Developing Role of Antitrust Regimes in Telecommunications Regulation, by Colin David Scott, author
16. Info-Communications Policies and Practicalities for the 21st Century With Comments by Junji Annen, by Yoshikazu Kurita, author
17. The Regularization of International Commercial Arbitration: Comparative Trends and Tensions, by Toby T Landau, author
18. International Dispute Resolution: Law and Economics With Comments by Noboru Kashiwagi, by J Mark Ramseyer, author

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