Indonesia's Technological Challenge

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"This book offers a valuable starting point for anyone interested in how Indonesia became a reputable exporter of light manufacturing products in the 1990s" (Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde).

About the Publication

This volume provides a lively review of recent economic and political developments in Indonesia and addresses the issue of the country's "Technological Challenge" from a variety of perspectives. These include the policy foundations, the analytical issues, case studies, international co-operation and transfers, as well as particular challenges at the sectoral level and among both large and small enterprises. This is the first volume in English to examine these important questions facing the world's fourth largest country.


Preliminary pages, with Foreword by Saadillah Mursjid
1. Introduction, by Hal Hill, contributor
2. Towards March 1998, with Determination, by Geoff Forrester, contributor
3. The Economy: Macro and Micro Reform for Growth, by Sri Mulyani Indrawati, contributor
4. Some Comments on the Rupiah "Crisis", by Ross H McLeod, contributor
5. Indonesia's Science and Technology Policies, by Samaun Samadikun, contributor
6. Determinants of Indonesia's Industrial Technology, by Thee Kian Wie, contributor
7. Technology Policies in Indonesia, by Sanjaya Lall, contributor
8. The Role of BPPT in Indonesia's Technological Development, by Rony M. Bishry, Murman Hidayat, contributors
9. The Habibie Approach to Science, Technology and National Development, by Robert C. Rice, contributor
10. Technology and Human Resources: Are Supply-Side Constraints Holding Indonesia Back?, by Chris Manning, contributor
11. The Funding of PT DSTP, a High-Technology Project: Lofty Goals, Defined Task, by Saadillah Mursjid, contributor
12. Some Comments on "The Funding of PT DSTP, a High-Technology Project", by Ross H McLeod, contributor
13. Innovation and Diffusion in Rural Development: Contrasting Case Studies, by Colin Barlow, contributor
14. Bali's Garment Export Industry, by William Cole, contributor
15. Technology and Human Resources in the Indonesian Textile Industry, by Marcel Timmer, Adam Szirmai, contributors
16. Emerging Patterns of Technology Flows in the Asia-Pacific Region: The Relevance to Indonesia, by Hadi Soesastro, contributor
17. The Transfer of Japanese Management Technology to Indonesia, by Yuri Sato, contributor
18. Batam Island and Indonesia's High-Technology Strategy, by Shannon L Smith, contributor
19. Developing Science and Technology Collaboration between Australia and Indonesia, by Don Scott-Kemmis, Remy Rohadian, contributors
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