Indonesia: The Challenge of Change

Indonesia:  The Challenge of Change
Date of publication:  2000
Publisher:  ISEAS / KITLV / SMP
Number of pages:  326
Code:  BM179


"This scholarly work is needed -- so that the structure of the New Order is remembered and can be further studied as Indonesia's future trajectory emerges .... It is clearly written and organized, lending itself well to those who want an overview of the key cogs and wheels of the system" (The Journal of Asian Studies).

About the publication

A team of Indonesian and American specialists explores the impact of economic growth on twelve major Indonesian institutions, including private and public enterprises, formal political institutions, the armed forces, the bureaucracy, NGOs, the media, and trade unions, amongst others.
          The growing gap between a slow-to-change governing structure and the dynamism of the broader society poses dilemmas for the next generation of leaders and Indonesia1s development. This timely book examines the reactions across society as Indonesia enters a period of major political change.
          (A separate soft cover edition for customers in Europe is available from KITLV Press, Leiden; a separate hard cover edition for customers in USA, Canada and Hong Kong is available from St Martin's Press, New York)

Co-publication: ISEAS / KITLV / SMP

Institute of Southeast Asian Studies / KITLV Press / St Martin's Press

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