Buddhism Across Asia: Networks of Material, Intellectual and Cultural Exchange, volume 1

Buddhism Across Asia: Networks of Material, Intellectual and Cultural Exchange, volume 1
Tansen Sen, editor
Date of publication:  2014
Publisher:  Institute of Southeast Asian Studies / Manohar Publishers & Distributors
Number of pages:  483
Code:  NSC19
Hard Cover
ISBN: 9789814519328
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About the publication

"Buddhism across Asia is a must-read for anyone interested in the history and spread of Buddhism in Asia. It comprises a rich collection of articles written by leading experts in their fields. Together, the contributions provide an in-depth analysis of Buddhist history and transmission in Asia over a period of more than 2000 years. Aspects examined include material culture, politics, economy, languages and texts, religious institutions, practices and rituals, conceptualisations, and philosophy, while the geographic scope of the studies extends from India to Southeast Asia and East Asia. Readers' knowledge of Buddhism is constantly challenged by the studies presented, incorporating new materials and interpretations. Rejecting the concept of a reified monolithic and timeless 'Buddhism', this publication reflects the entangled 'dynamic and multi-dimensional' history of Buddhism in Asia over extended periods of 'integration,' 'development of multiple centres,' and 'European expansion,' which shaped the religion's regional and trans-regional identities."   -- Max Deeg, Cardiff University

"Buddhism Across Asia presents new research on Buddhism in comprehensive spatial and temporal terms. From studies on transmission networks to exegesis on doctrinal matters, linguistics, rituals and practices, institutions, Buddhist libraries, and the religion's interactions with political and cultural spheres as well as the society at large, the volume presents an assemblage of essays of breathtaking breadth and depth. The goal is to demonstrate how the transmission of Buddhist ideas serves as a cultural force, a lynchpin that had connected the societies of Asia from past to present. The volume manifests the vitality and maturity of the field of Buddhist studies, and for that we thank the editor and the erudite authors. "    -- Dorothy C. Wong, University of Virginia

Co-publication: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies / Manohar Publishers & Distributors

Available for distribution by ISEAS worldwide except South Asia


  • Buddhism Across Asia: Networks of Material, Intellectual and Cultural Exchange, volume 1
    [Whole Publication, ISBN: 9789814519335], by Tansen Sen, author
  • Preliminary pages and Introduction, by Tansen Sen, author
  • 1. Networks for Long-distance Transmission of Buddhism in South Asian Transit Zones , by Jason Neelis, author
  • 2. Truth and Scripture in Early Buddhism: Categorial Reduction as Exegetical Method in Ancient Gandhāra and Beyond , by Stefan Baums, author
  • 3. Now You Hear it, Now You Don't: The Phrase "Thus Have I Heard" in Early Chinese Buddhist Translations , by Jan Nattier, author
  • 4. The First Āgama Transmission to China , by Elsa Legittimo, author
  • 5. What is a "Hīnayāna Zealot" Doing in Fifth-Century China? , by Daniel Boucher, author
  • 6. Meditation Traditions in Fifth-Century Northern China: With a Special Note on a Forgotten "Kaśmīri Meditation Tradition Brought to China by Buddhabhadra (359-429) , by Chen Jinhua, author
  • 7. Transmission of the Dharma and Reception of the Text: Oral and Aural Features in the Fifth Chapter of the Book of Zambasta , by Giuliana Martini, author
  • 8. On Kuiji's Sanskrit Compound Analyses: Transmission of Sanskrit Grammar in the Early Tang Dynasty , by Teng Weijen, author
  • 9. Abridged Teaching (Lüe Jiao): Monastic Rules between India and China , by Ann Heirman, author
  • 10. From Nālandā to Chang'an: A Survey of Buddhist Libraries in Medieval China (618-907) , by Wang Xiang, author
  • 11. Multiple Traditions in One Ritual: A Reading of the Lantern-Lighting Prayers in Dunhuang Manuscripts , by Chen Huaiyu, author
  • 12. The Idea of India (Tenjiku) in Pre-Modern Japan: Issues of Signification and Representation in the Buddhist Translation of Cultures , by Fabio Rambelli, author
  • 13. The Buddhist Image Inside-Out: On the Placing of Objects Inside Statues in East Asia , by James Robson, author
  • 14. Indian Abhidharma Literature in Tibet: A Study of the Vijńāna Section of Sthiramati's Pańcaskandhakavibhāsā , by Jowita Kramer, author
  • 15. From Aśoka to Jayavarman VII: Some Reflections on the Relationship between Buddhism and the State in India and Southeast Asia , by Hermann Kulke, author
  • 16. The Theravāda Buddhist Ecumene in the Fifteenth Century: Intellectual Foundations and Material Representations , by Tilman Frasch, author
  • 17. The Sphere of the Sāsana in the Context of Colonialism , by Anne M Blackburn, author
  • 18. Patronage and Place: The Shwedagon in Times of Change , by Elizabeth Howard-Moore, author
  • 19. Wang Hongyuan and the Import of Japanese Esoteric Buddhism to China during the Republican Period , by Erik Schicketanz, author
  • 20. Buddhist Practices and Institutions of the Chinese Community in Kolkata, India , by Zhang Xing, author
  • List of Contributors
  • Index
  • Nalanda-Sriwijaya Series

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