The ASEAN Economic Community: A Work in Progress

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About the Publication

This is an important and timely volume: important because ASEAN is an increasingly significant and influential regional and global actor; and timely because, as the 2015 ASEAN Economic Community target approaches, what is needed is a sympathetic yet arms-length survey of the issues and challenges. ASEAN will miss some of the targets laid out in its AEC Blueprint, but the reader is left in no doubt that the ASEAN spirit is alive and well. The editors include a distinguished former Secretary General of ASEAN and the leading academic analyst of ASEAN economic cooperation. They and their co-editors are to be congratulated for soliciting contributions from an outstanding and diverse group of authors, and then adding their highly authoritative commentary and analysis. A must read for anybody seriously interested in ASEAN.
Hall Hill
H.W. Arndt Professor of Southeast Asian Economies
Australian National University


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The ASEAN Economic Community: A Work in Progress [Whole Publication, ISBN: 978-981-4459-83-9] 19.90 USD
40.00 USD
Preliminary pages Download
1. Overview, by Rodolfo C Severino, Jayant Menon, authors 5.00 USD
2. Non-Tariff Barriers: A Challenge to Achieving the ASEAN Economic Community, by Myrna S Austria, author 5.00 USD
3. ASEAN Trade in Services, by Deunden Nikomborirak, Supunnavadee Jitdumrong, authors 5.00 USD
4. The ASEAN Economic Community: The Investment Climate , by Manu Bhaskaran, author 5.00 USD
5. Competition and Intellectual Porperty Laws in the ASEAN 'Single Market', by Ashish Lall, R Ian McEwin, authors 5.00 USD
6. Subregional Zones and ASEAN Economic Community, by Richard Pomfret, Sanchita Basu Das, authors 5.00 USD
7. ASEAN FTAs: State of Play and Outlook for ASEAN's Regional and Global Integration, by Razeen Sally, author 5.00 USD
8. The ASEAN Dispute Settlement System, by Locknie Hsu, author 5.00 USD
9. Enhancing the Institutional Framework for AEC Implementation: Designing Institutions that are Effective and Politically Feasible, by Helen E S Nesadurai, author 5.00 USD
10. ASEAN Economic Community Business Survey, by Albert G Hu, author 5.00 USD
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