Regional Outlook: Southeast Asia 1994-95

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About the Publication

The vibrance and optimism in Southeast Asia during 1993 was palpable. In the wake of the end of the Cold War, the region built upon the development that was already on track. Even so, the pace has been surprising. Not only did the ASEAN economies perform well generally, Vietnam surged ahead in economic development, and Myanmar registered strong sings of economic growth. Politically, the region enjoys dynamic stability even though the South China Sea continues to pose a potential conflict area area, and a North Korean nuclear capability will be destabilizing. The political tranistion in Cambodia proved to be a greater success than anticipated. The major concern remains the question of an emerging power balance in the larger Asia-Pacific region, especially with the new economic weight of China. What will the next year look like? Follow and understand the fast-changing regional scene in Regional Outlook 1994-95.


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