Regional Outlook: Southeast Asia 1993-94

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About the Publication

The world is undergoing dramatic transformations in the wake of the crumbling of the Cold War order, and the ebbs and flows of these changes are not passing unnoticed in Southeast Asia. Indeed, the region is witnessing its own mini-versions of glasnot and perestroika, as countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar, for instance, seek their niches in the emerging opportunities and constraints that characterize the international economic and political scene. This, coupled with the dynamism of the member states of ASEAN, makes Southeast Asia a particularly promising and exciting area -- at a turning point in world history and human affairs.Cast in a formal style that is unencumbered by lengthy analyses or commentaries, Regional Outlook provides succinct yet substantive and easily readable overviews and insights into the current geo-political and economic situations in the individual countries and the region as a whole, together with the likely trends over the next year or so. The review will serve as a useful and handy guide to the region's aspirations and prospects each year, in addition to casting a look ahead.


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