Southeast Asian Affairs 1975

Southeast Asian Affairs 1975
Date of publication:  1975
Publisher:  Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
Number of pages:  232
Code:  SEAA75


  • Preliminary pages
  • The Region: A Political Overview, by M Rajaretnam, author
  • The Region: Economic Trends Inflation, Industrialization, and Growth, by S B D de Slva, author
  • The Diplomatic Emergence of China and Its Implications for Southeast asia, by Victor C. Funnell, author
  • Japan's recent Anti-Foreign Trend Its Possible Impact on Japan and Implications for ASEAN, by K E Shaw, author
  • Moros and Khaek: The Position of Muslim Minorities in the Philippines and Thailand, by Peter G Gowing, author
  • Burma: A Political and Economic Background, by Raja Segaran Arumugam, author
  • Indonesia in Focus, by Eileen Tang, Yong Mun Cheong , authors
  • The Role of Students in the 15 January 1974 Incidents, by Andrew H Gunawan, author
  • Inflation in Indonesia, by Azhari Zahri, author
  • Communications in Population Control: Indonesia, by Donna A Demac, author
  • New Directions in Malaysia, by Leo Ah-Bang, author
  • The Security Situation in Peninsular Malaysia, by Chandran Jeshurun, author
  • The "Dacing" in Sabah and Sarawak, by James P Ongkili, author
  • The Philippines Marcos' "New Society", by Lim Yoon Lin, author
  • The Posture of the Church in the Philippines under Martial Law, by Cirilo A Rigos, author
  • Regional Development under the New Society in the Philippines, by Nawawi, author
  • Singapore in 1974: Consolidation amidst Uncertainties, by Seah Chee-Meow, author
  • Stability and Security in the Region after ANZUK, by George G Thomson, author
  • World Inflation and Recession and Their Impact on the Singapore Economy, by Chia Siow Yue , author
  • Courts, Camps, and Constitutions: The Game of Politics in Thailand, by M Rajaretnam, author
  • The Revolutionary Situation in Thailand, by Boonsanong Punyodyana, author
  • Thai Foreign Policy since October 1973, by Lydia S na Ranong, author
  • Vietnam in Perspective, by Ng Shui Meng , author
  • A Time for Reconciliation?, by Huynh Kim Khanh, author
  • Problems and Prospects of the Vietnamese Economy, by Nguyen Van Hao, author
  • Notes on Contributors

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