Turning Points and Transitions: Selections from Southeast Asian Affairs 1974–2018

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About the Publication

"Southeast Asian Affairs has for decades been an indispensable reference for those concerned with political and economic developments across this vibrant and highly diverse region. Each year, leading experts on the region and its constituent states have contributed detailed assessments of individual countries and region-wide themes which collectively provide an important and reliable record of Southeast Asia¹s often dramatic evolution since the early 1970s. Some of the most significant and interesting of these chapters have been carefully selected and brought together in this volume, which will be a valuable resource for students of the region." 
Dr Tim Huxley, Executive Director, The International Institute for Strategic Studies-Asia, Singapore 

“At a time when Southeast Asia is under-going rapid changes, this compilation of essays is a must-read for all those who seek to understand ASEAN and its member states. Southeast Asia is more than ASEAN and as an inter-state organization that works by consensus, ASEAN can do no more than what its members allow it to do.” 
Bilahari Kausikan, Chairman Middle East Institute, National University of Singapore and former Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore 

“For the last fifty years, ISEAS has been the ‘go to’ place for students and scholars from all over the world seeking to develop a deeper knowledge of Southeast Asia. Since it first appeared in 1974, Southeast Asian Affairs has provided thoughtful and timely analysis of critical developments in the region annually. This carefully chosen collection of some of these essays authored over the years brilliantly maps out the contours of change and transformation that have shaped Southeast Asia’s recent history, and captures the dynamism of this fascinating region.” 
Joseph Chinyong Liow, Dean, College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences and Dean, S.Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang Technological University 

“The book Turning Points and Transitions, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the founding of ISEAS, is like a literary time machine. It takes us back through contemporary expert commentary and analysis to the major forces and events that shaped the political and economic evolution of the Southeast Asia region. A new generation of scholars has replaced typewriters with computers, but many of the roots of the issues and conflicts that ISEAS will be dealing with in the future are to be found in the past that is so ably documented in this volume.”
Donald E. Weatherbee, Donald S. Russell Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of South Carolina


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Turning Points and Transitions: Selections from Southeast Asian Affairs 1974–2018 [Whole Publication, ISBN: 978-981-4843-08-9], by Daljit Singh, Malcolm Cook, authors 27.90 USD
56.00 USD
Preliminary pages with Introduction, by Daljit Singh, author Download
The Diplomatic Emergence of China and Its Implications for Southeast Asia (1975), by Victor C. Funnell, author 5.00 USD
Stability and Security in the Region after ANZUK (1975), by George G Thomson, author 5.00 USD
The Quetion of the "Overseas Chinese" (1976), by Wang Gungwu, author 5.00 USD
Southeast Asia 1976: The Handling of Contradictions (1977), by Chan Heng Chee, author 5.00 USD
The "Fukuda Doctrine" and Its Implications for Southeast Asia (1978), by Toru Yano, author 5.00 USD
Expanding Horizons in Southeast Asia? (1994), by Michael Leifer , author 5.00 USD
AFTA in the Light of New Economic Developments (1995), by Florian A Alburo , author 5.00 USD
The ASEAN Economic Miracle Unravels (1999), by Manuel F Montes, author 5.00 USD
Southeast Asia in 1999: A False Dawn? (2000), by Daljit Singh, author 5.00 USD
East Timor's Future: Southeast Asian or South Pacific? (2001), by Hal Hill, author 5.00 USD
Southeast Asia in 2002: From Bali to Iraq — Co-operating for Security (2003), by Chin Kin Wah, author 5.00 USD
The Year in ASEAN: The Charter, Trade Agreements, and the Global Economic Crisis (2010), by Rodolfo C Severino, author 5.00 USD
Seeking Stability in Turbulent Times: Southeast Asia's New Normal? (2015), by See Seng Tan, Oleg Korovin, authors 5.00 USD
China's Two Silk Roads Initiative: What It Means for Southeast Asia (2015), by David Arase, author 5.00 USD
China's International Strategy and Its Implications for Southeast Asia (2016), by Zhang Zhexin, author 5.00 USD
Negara Brunei Darussalam: "A New Nation but an Ancient Country" (1985), by Sharon Siddique, author 5.00 USD
Brunei Darussalam: Challenging Stability (2016), by Christopher B Roberts, Malcolm Cook, authors 5.00 USD
Cambodia and Regional Diplomacy (1982), by Sheldon W Simon, author 5.00 USD
Kampuchea 1979–81: National Rehabilitation in the Eye of an International Storm (1982), by Ben Kiernan, author 5.00 USD
Cambodia 1991: Lasting Peace or Decent Interval? (1992), by Mike Yeong, author 5.00 USD
Hun Sen's Pre-emptive Coup: Causes and Consequences (1998), by Sorpong Peou, author 5.00 USD
Cambodia in 2017: Plus ça change... (2018), by Khatharya Um, author 5.00 USD
Indonesia's Armed Forces: Rejuvenation and Regeneration (1982), by Donald E Weatherbee, author 5.00 USD
Indonesia: The Pancasila State (1985), by Donald E Weatherbee, author 5.00 USD
The Indonesian Economy Facing the 1990s: Stuctural Transformation and Economic Deregulation (1990), by Sjahrir, author 5.00 USD
A Year of Upheaval and Uncertainty: The Fall of Soeharto and Rise of Habibie (1999), by Leo Suryadinata, author 5.00 USD
Indonesia: The Regional Autonomy Laws, Two Years Later (2003), by Gary F. Bell, author 5.00 USD
The Impact of Domestic and Asian Regional Changes on Indonesian Foreign Policy (2010), by Dewi Fortuna Anwar , author 5.00 USD
ISIS in Indonesia (2015), by Sidney Jones, Solahudin, authors 5.00 USD
Laos: Coping with Confinement (1982), by Joseph J Zasloff, MacAlister Brown, authors 5.00 USD
Laos: The Chinese Connection (2009), by Martin Stuart-Fox, author 5.00 USD
The Security "Gap" in Peninsula Malaysia (1976), by Chandran Jeshurun, author 5.00 USD
The 'Battle Royal' — The UMNO Elections of 1987 (1988), by A B Shamsul, author 5.00 USD
Malaysia: A Fateful September (1999), by John Funston, author 5.00 USD
Tears and Fears: Tun Mahathir's Last Hurrah (2004), by Bridget Welsh, author 5.00 USD
Malaysia: Political Transformation and Intrigue in an Election Year (2009), by Johan Saravanamuttu, author 5.00 USD
Burma in 1988: Perestroika with a Military Face (1989), by James F. Guyot, author 5.00 USD
Myanmar in 1990: New Era or Old (1991), by Robert H. Taylor, author 5.00 USD
Myanmar: No Turning Back (2012), by Moe Thuzar, author 5.00 USD
Myanmar's General Election 2015: Change was the Name of the Game (2016), by Tin Maung Maung Than, author 5.00 USD
An Overview of the Philippines (1974), by Lim Yoon Lin, author 5.00 USD
Unfinished Revolution: The Philippines in 1986 (1987), by David Timberman, author 5.00 USD
Terrorism: Evolving Regional Alliances and State Failure in Mindanao (2006), by Kit Collier, author 5.00 USD
Singapore's Foreign Policy in the Seventies: The Reconciliation of Global and Regional Interests (1974), by Kawin Wilairat, author 5.00 USD
The Downturn in the Singapore Economy: Problems, Prospects and Possiblities for Recovery (1986), by Cheah Hock Beng, author 5.00 USD
A Return to Normal Politics: Singapore General Elections 2011 (2012), by Terence Chong, author 5.00 USD
The Revolutionary Situation in Thailand (1975), by Boonsanong Punyodyana, author 5.00 USD
American Military Withdrawal from Thailand (1976), by Thanat Khoman, author 5.00 USD
The Thai Economy: From Boom to Gloom? (1997), by Peter Warr, author 5.00 USD
Thailand: A Year of Diminishing Expectations (1999), by Naruemon Thabchumpon, author 5.00 USD
Thailand: A Reckoning with History Begins (2007), by Michael J Montesano, author 5.00 USD
What Went Wrong with the Thai Democracy? (2015), by Suchit Bunbongkarn , author 5.00 USD
Vietnam in Perspective (1975), by Ng Shui Meng , author 5.00 USD
Year One of Postcolonial Vietnam (1977), by Huynh Kim Kanh, author 5.00 USD
Vietnam, ASEAN and the Indochina Refugee Crisis (1980), by Frank Frost, author 5.00 USD
Vietnam and ASEAN: A First Anniversary Assessment (1997), by Carlyle A. Thayer, author 5.00 USD
Vietnam: In Search of a New Growth Model (2016), by Jonathan Pincus, author 5.00 USD

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