ASEAN Beyond the Regional Crisis: Challenges and Initiatives

ASEAN Beyond the Regional Crisis: Challenges and Initiatives
Mya Than, editor
Date of publication:  2001
Number of pages:  304
Code:  PIC99

About the publication

As the regional financial and economic crisis has bottomed out and the ASEAN countries are on the recovery path, this volume seeks to carry out a post-mortem on the crisis to evaluate the sustainability of the recovery and the long-term direction of the ASEAN economies. It also examines the challenges and competitiveness of these economies which have become significant issues in the post-recovery process. Since it is not sufficient to address the economic and financial aspects, the volume also looks at the human and social dimensions, such as food security, poverty, and cross-border pollution. Furthermore, in the wake of the regional crisis, ASEAN has been criticized as being ineffective. This has prompted a re-examination of the relevance of the regional grouping in its present form, evaluating ASEAN's performance, challenges and opportunities and assessing whether there is a need for change.


  • ASEAN Beyond the Regional Crisis: Challenges and Initiatives
    [Whole Publication, ISBN: 9789812306043]
  • Preliminary pages
  • 1. ASEAN Beyond the Crisis: A Birds-eye View, by Mya Than, author
  • 2. East Asia: Crisis and Recovery, by Wing Thye Woo, author
  • 3. Competitiveness and Sustainable Growth in ASEAN, by Florian A Alburo , author
  • 4. ASEAN Free Trade Area: Progress and Challenges, by Nattapong Thongpakde, author
  • 5. ASEAN Investment Area: Progress and Challenges, by Nick J Freeman, author
  • 6. Financial and Macroeconomic Co-operation in ASEAN: Issues and Policy Initiatives, by Ramkishen S Rajan, author
  • 7. Food Security in ASEAN, by Mya Than, author
  • 8. ASEAN Co-operation and the Environment, by Simon Tay, author
  • 9. ASEAN and the International Trading System:Regional Trade Arrangement vs. the WTO, by H S Kartadjoemena, author
  • 10. ASEAN and Its Inter-Regional Economic Links, by Mahani Zainal Abidin, author
  • Appendix I: ASEAN's Relevance: Has It Become Questionable?, by C P F Luhulima, author
  • Appendix II: Is ASEAN Still Relevant? Some Thoughts from a European Perspective, by Rolf J Langhammer, author
  • Index

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