Tradition and Archaelogy: Early Maritime Contacts in the Indian Ocean

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This volume comprises a collection of studies extending from the fourth century BCE to the fifteenth century CE and includes updated versions of the Introduction and Preface. The two broad themes examined are archaelogical evidence of maritime links, and technological studies of water-craft involved in trade and communication. This inter-disciplinary dialogue provides new insights on early seafaring in the Indian Ocean and questions several theories that have continued to be repeated in archaelogical and historical writing. Trade did not cease with the decline of empires; instead there were relocations in routes and changes in the participants involved. A focus on traditions of ship-building and navigation in a study of maritime contacts emphasizes the role of innovation and technological change vis-à-vis tradition and continuity. This addition to the corpus of research on Indian Ocean studies will be useful to archaelogists, historians, and ethnographers investigating the evolution of maritime technologies.

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Tradition and Archaelogy: Early Maritime Contacts in the Indian Ocean [Whole Publication]
Preliminary pages
1. Maritime Archaeology of the Indian Ocean: An Overview, by Himanshu Prabha Ray, author
2. Qana (Yemen) and the Indian Ocean: The Archaeological Evidence, by Alexander V Sedov, author
3. Indian Ceramics in Southern Iran and Eastern Arabia: Repertory, Classification and Chronology, by Monique Kervran, author
4. Seafaring in the Indian Ocean: Archaeological Evidence from Sri Lanka, by Osmund Bopearachchi, author
5. The Evidence of the Gazetteer of Roman Artefacts in India, by David W MacDowall, author
6. Early Maritime Activities of the Tamils, by K Rajan, author
7. Chinese Ceramics of Tamilnadu and Kerala Coasts, by Y. Subbarayalu, author
8. Archaeology of Coastal Bengal, by Gautam Sengupta, author
9. Recent Archaeological Evidence for Early Maritime Contacts Between India and Southeast Asia, by Ian C Glover , author
10. Medieval Trade Networks in the Western Indian Ocean (8-14th cent.): Some Reflections from the Distribution Pattern of Chinese Imports in the Islamic World, by Axelle Rougeulle, author
11. Southeast Asian Shipping in the Indian Ocean During the First Millennium A.D., by Pierre-Yves Manguin, author
12. Iconographic Evidence on the Development of Boat and Ship Structures in India (2nd cent. B.C.-15th cent. A.D.): A New Approach, by Jean Deloche, author
13. The Study of Boats with Stitched Planking, by Sean McGrail, author
14. Archaeological Evidence of Maritime Contacts: The Andaman Islands, by Zarine Cooper, author
15. The Sewn Boats of Indias East Coast, by Eric Kentley, author
16. Traditional Sea and Sky Wisdom of Indian Seamen and their Practical Applications, by B Arunachalam, author
17. History of the Development of the Kamal, by S Q Fatimi, author
18. Hellenistic Seafaring in the Indian Ocean: A Perspective from Arabia, by Jean-Francois Salles, author
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