Japan's Industrial Technological Development: The Role of Comparative Learning & Institutions

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About the Publication

Japan's technology support system has played a crucial role in developing firms' technological capability and stimulating their innovation. How has it been done, and why is it effective? The research findings presented here show that what has worked best in Japan is inter-firm co-operative learning, which requires the support of public technology institutions to promote co-operation, disseminate technology, and facilitate innovation. The findings apply to a wide spectrum of firms, whether of not they are keiretsu-affiliated.

Co-publication: ISEAS / SVerlagTok

Institute of Southeast Asian Studies / Springer Verlag, Tokyo


Introduction, by Yoshitaka Okada, author
1. Cooperative Learning and Technological Development in Japan, by Yoshitaka Okada, author
2. Diversity in Technological Support: Industiral Differences, by Yoshitaka Okada, author
3. Foundry Industry, by Sakura Kojima, author
4. Auto Parts Industry, by Tatsuya Ohmori, author
5. Polymer Industry, by Shinichi Watanabe, author
6. Textile Industry, by Yasuo Maeda, author
Conclusion, by Yoshitaka Okada, Melvin Goldman, authors

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