Reaching for the Dream: Challenges of Sustainable Development in Vietnam

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About the Publication

Transition economies allow the study of fundamental questions about the nature of markets. How do they arise and do they necessarily follow the same modus operandi as markets in other countries? How does the state influence the development of markets? How does the opening of the economy to global market influences affect the process of institutional change? How do people respond to both internal and external influences? And how, in the context of an underdeveloped transitional economy like Vietnam, do such influences affect the prospects for sustainable and equitable development? This book focuses on the differentiated ways in which the double transition in Vietnam -- from central planning and from under-development -- affects various sectors of the population.

Co-publication: ISEAS / NIAS Press

Institute of Southeast Asian Studies / Nordic Institute of Asian Studies


Preliminary pages
1. Introduction, by Melanie Beresford, Tran Ngoc Angie, authors
2. Stages on the Road to Renovation of the Vietnamese Economy: An Historical Perspective, by Dang Phong, author
3. Lessons from the Asian Crisis for the Sustainability of Vietnamese Economic Development, by Melanie Beresford, author
4. The City and the Countryside: Economy, State and Socialist Legacies in the Vietnamese Labour Market, by Regina Abrami, Nolwen Henaff, authors
5. Linking Growth with Equity? The Vietnamese Textile and Garment Industries since Doi Moi, by Tran Ngoc Angie, author
6. Rural Diversification: An Essential Path to Sustainable Development for Vietnam, by Bui Van Hung, author
7. Financial Markets in Vietnam's Northern Highlands, by William Clarence Smith, author
8. Institutional Challenges for Sustainable Development in Vietnam: The Case of the Coal Mining Sector, by Bach Tan Sinh, author

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