The Eurasian Space: Far More Than Two Continents

The Eurasian Space: Far More Than Two Continents
Date of publication:  2004
Publisher:  ISEAS / IIAS
Number of pages:  216
Code:  IIAS-A2

About the publication

The Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM), officially established in 1996, is an inter-regional forum consisting of the 15 member states of the European Union and the European Commission, 7 member of the 10 states of ASEAN and China, Japan and South Korea. In this important volume academics from Asia and Europe examine the level of engagement between both continents and highlight how the ASEM process has been conducive in enhancing the political, economic and cultural ties between the various Asian and European countries. They address questions such as: how does the euro fit in the developing East Asian monetary cooperation; how does ASEM influence the process of East Asian identity building and what is the ASEM factor in the formulation of the new foreign policy of China? ASEM is wrongly a little known process because it plays a key role in formulating the emerging multilateralist world order of the 21st century.

Co-publication: ISEAS / IIAS

Institute of Southeast Asian Studies / International Institute for Asian Studies


  • The Eurasian Space: Far More Than Two Continents
  • Preliminary pages
  • Chapters
  • 1. Introduction to the Eurasian Space: Far More Than Two Continents, by Wim Stokhof, Paul van der Velde, Yeo Lay Hwee, authors
  • 2. ASEM: Value Added to International Relations and to the Asia-Europe Relationship, by Michael Reiterer, author
  • 3. Collective Identity-Building through Trans-regionalism: ASEM and East Asian Regional Identity, by Julie Gilson, Yeo Lay Hwee, authors
  • 4. Inter-regionalism and Regional Actors: The EU-ASEAN Example, by Matthew Doidge, author
  • 5. ASEM's Extra-regionalism: Converging Europe's and East Asia's External Projections toward other Regions, by Cesar de Prado Yepes, author
  • 6. ASEM - A Catalyst for Dialogue and Co-operation: The Case of FEALAC, by David M Milliot, author
  • 7. ASEM's Security Agenda Revisited, by Heiner Hanggi, author
  • 8. The Euro and East Asian Monetary Co-operation, by Xu Mingqi, author
  • 9. China and ASEM: Strengthening Multilateralism through Inter-regionalism, by Sebastian Bersick, author
  • 10. Japan and ASEM, by Kazuhiko Togo, author
  • 11. Korea and ASEM, by David Camroux, Park Sunghee, authors
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