Asia in Europe, Europe in Asia

Asia in Europe, Europe in Asia
Date of publication:  2004
Publisher:  ISEAS / IIAS
Number of pages:  325
Code:  IIAS-A1

About the publication

The book presents a unique combination of the study of contemporary and historical practices between Asia and Europe and brings forth some of the latest thinking on the subject. Recent debates have centered primarily on contemporary aspects of the Europe-Asia partnership in terms of international relations and economic linkages. The present volume complements this political and economic interest in Europe-Asia relationship by focusing on the academic, social and cultural connections between the two regions. The contributions in this volume have a contemporary focus but contextualize the themes within a historical perspective. They deal with academic discourses on the region, on modernity and entrepreneurship; they discuss the long-term exchange of knowledge in specific scientific fields; and they focus on the cultural interconnections in the area of film, literature and migration. The originality of this book lies in its interdisciplinary approach to the question of Asia-Europe and in its emphasis on the multifaceted complexity of the relationship between these two regions. It brings together the diversity of local histories, ideas, and agencies in both Europe and Asia into a universal project of knowledge formation in order to reveal their contribution to the making of the world we are in.

Co-publication: ISEAS / IIAS

Institute of Southeast Asian Studies / International Institute for Asian Studies


  • Preliminary pages
  • 1. Introduction, by Srilata Ravi, Goh Beng Lan, Mario Rutten, authors
  • Part 1: Academic Discourses and Concepts
  • 2. Civilizational Encounters: Europe in Asia, by Satish Saberwal, author
  • 3. Locating Southeast Asia: Postcolonial Paradigms and Predicaments, by Henk Schulte Nordholt , author
  • 4. The Meaning of Alternative Discourses: Illustrations from Southeast Asia, by Syed Farid Alatas, author
  • 5. Redrawing Centre-Periphery Relations: Theoretical Challenges in the Study of Southeast Asian Modernity, by Goh Beng Lan, author
  • 6. Rethinking Assumptions on Asia and Europe: The Study of Entrepreneurship, by Mario Rutten, author
  • Part II: Linkages: Science, Society and Culture
  • 7. Royal Antiquarianism, European Orientalism and the Production of Archaeological Knowledge in Modern Siam, by Maurizio Peleggi, author
  • 8. Foreign Knowledge: Cultures of Western Science-making in Meiji Japan, by Gregory K. Clancey, author
  • 9. British Colonial Rhetoric on 'Modern Medicine' and 'Health at Home': Realities of Health Conditions in 19th Century Britain, by Vineeta Sinha, author
  • 10. Poverty, Gender, and Nation in Modern Vietnamese Literature during the French Colonial Period (1930s-1940s), by Van Nguyen-Marshall, author
  • 11. Family Linkages between Indian and Britain: Views from Gujarat and London, by Mario Rutten, Pravin J. Patel, authors
  • 12. Framing the Other: A Critical Review of Vietnam War Movies and their Representation of Asians and Vietnamese, by John Kleinen, author
  • 13. Metis, Metisse and Metissage: Representations and Self-Representations, by Srilata Ravi, author
  • About the Contributors

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